Importance of Rug Pads for the Holidays

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Importance of Rug Pads for the Holidays

While a rug pad is not necessarily the idea of a holiday gift, it can play an important role during the holiday season. The right rug pads under your area rugs will provide safety and comfort to your family and holiday visitors.

Rug pads are an important element of every area rug anytime during the year and for times of more visitors and family gatherings, they play an even greater role. While under your rugs and out of sight, your rug pads protect your floors from damage; they prevent unnecessary wear to your area rugs; they prevent accidents by keeping your rugs in place and they can add extra comfort. Rug pads offer many benefits that go unseen, so it’s important to know when to use them and which to choose for your rugs and floors. During the holiday season, many homes experience an influx of guests, which means more traffic on rugs and floors.

rug pads for the holidaysRug Pads Add Safety To Your Floors During the Holidays

Let’s face it, holidays can be full of various types of people visiting your home and walking on your floors. There may be smaller or lighter rugs that can easily slip and be the cause of accidents. The right non slip rug pad will prevent such accidents from happening by keeping your rugs where they belong, in their place. Depending on the type and thickness of your rug, you can choose an all rubber rug pad, or a thicker felt and rubber rug pad. Both contain the rubber that will prevent your rugs from slipping and this is the main objective in keeping your floors safe for family and holiday visitors.

Rug Pads Protect Your Rugs and Floors During the Holidays

A higher amount of visitors walking through your home means more foot traffic and possible wear and damage to your rugs and floors. For these reasons, it is important to use the right rug pad under your rugs. A dense felt rug pad is meant to resist common pressure that can normally push into your rug to affect it and your floor. if you have furniture being used on your rug, this can also add extra stress and the rug pad can resist the stress. For this purpose, it is important to place a dense pad under your rugs to offer maximum resistance to any amount of pressure. With this protection, no amount of holiday visitors will compromise the condition of your area rugs and floors.

Rug Pads Add Extra Comfort for Holiday Visitors

You may have area rugs without any rug pads under them, or you may have those thinner mesh looking pads hanging around. In either case, not much comfort is offered to your guests. To add comfort for family and guests that want to hang around and play around on your floor, a thicker felt rug pad is ideal. It can add anywhere from an extra 1/4″ to 3/8″ thick comfort under any area rug, making your hard floor more inviting. Use of a natural felt rug pad will avoid common smells, as there is no odor at all to make for a very comfortable gathering.

While you buy your holiday gifts, prepare your holiday meals and decorate your house for your family and guests during the holidays, try to remember your rugs and floors. It is a great idea to check under each of your area rugs to determine whether or not you should replace or place a rug pad under any of them. The right rug pad can prove to add great benefits for your holiday guests, as well as your rugs and floors.

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