Rug Pads Shipping To Canada

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Rug Pads Shipping To Canada

Rug Pad Corner is happy to announce that we are now shipping rug pads to Canada. Canadian residents can now benefit from our rug pads with no customs or duties to be paid on any of our rug pad shipments.

rug pads shipping to canadaCanada offers an excellent market for our rug pads, as many residents have homes with hardwood floors covered with area rugs. And, with a colder climate in winter months, the demand in Canada for area rugs and rug pads is greater than other regions. Each one of our rug pads can now be shipped to Canada via UPS with the added benefit of not having to worry about Canadian Customs or Duties charges. Since we offer genuine American-made rug pads, we follow the NAFTA, or North American Free Trade Agreement – This agreement allows us to ship our American-made rug pads into Canada without the receivers having to incur extra customs or duties expenses.

No Customs or Duties on Canadian Deliveries

Our rug pad prices are the same for our United States and Canada orders with only one difference – There is a shipping cost that must be paid to ship the orders into Canada. This shipping cost is simply the cost that UPS requires to ship each order and we do not add any surcharges or premiums to this cost. Once a Canadian customer places their order on our web site and pays the item cost and shipping, there are no other charges – The order is processed and shipped door-to-door without any delays, just as if it was being shipped within the United States. Canadian customers can now benefit from our American-made products in more than one way, particularly without the need to pay extra government fees for delivery.

Rug Pad Corner ships rug pads within the United States, Hawaii and now Canada. Just like with our U.S. orders, orders to Canada are available as rug pads in standard sizes and custom sizes. Canadian customers can choose from our rug pads online and request to have them custom cut based on their rug sizes. There is no extra charge for custom rug pads and no delay in processing the orders. Most of our rug pad orders are custom cut and this is a regular part of business for us. Rug pads shipping to Canada include our Ultra Premium felt and rubber, our Superior all felt, our Super Hold natural rubber and No-Muv rug on carpet pad. Every product we offer is available to ship to Canada in every size and shape that we offer.

For quite some time, we have had many requests to ship our rug pads to Canada and one of the main restraints we encountered was that Canadian deliveries were subject to extra fees. Now that our products are covered by NAFTA, we are proud to be able to offer our products and service to Canadian customers without the need for them to pay extra for government import fees. In regards to the UPS shipping fee, since there is an extra shipping cost to deliver to Canada, this is the only extra cost to customers. Our Canadian visitors can read more about shipping to Canada at the Rug Pad Corner Canada Shipping Page.


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