DIY Cabinet and Drawer Liners With Super Hold Rug Pads

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DIY Cabinet and Drawer Liners With Super Hold Rug Pads

Drawer liners are great for preventing scratches and stains to your cabinets and drawers. These liners are great for rental spaces and forever homes to help preserve the look of your cabinets. While I love using drawer liners in all my cabinets, I hated the adhesives that most cheap drawer liners contain. The chemicals and adhesives emitted an unpleasant smell, some even left damage to my cabinets and drawers. I was nervous about having these adhesives and chemicals so close to my plates and utensils. I decided to try to look into natural non-slip drawer liners when I had the idea to use our Super Hold Rug Pads. Super Hold is CRI green label, meaning it has absolutely no chemicals and will not off-gas or smell. This all natural non-slip product is perfect for use as non-slip drawer and cabinet liners! Check out our blog for instructions on how to turn Super Hold rug pads into easy, green DIY drawer liners!

Materials: Supplies

  • Super Hold Rug Pad
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tap
  • Cleaning Supplies

Step One: Empty and Clean Your Drawers and Cabinets

Start out by picking out what drawers and cabinets you want to put your drawer liners in. Remove all items from your drawers and cabinets and clean them out. I used a basic all-purpose spray and paper towels to clean out my drawers. Once all your drawers and cabinets are clean you can move on to the next step!

Step Two: Measure the Spaces You Want Lined

Take your tape measure and measure out all the spaces you want covered. Be sure to measure the exact length and width of each surface you want to cover. If you have awkward shaped cabinets like mine, it might be best to split up the measurements into two different sections. It will make laying down your Super Hold easier in the long run. You can also measure your drawers and cabinets and order Super Hold cut to those exact sizes!

Step Three: Measure and Cut Your Super Hold Rug Pad

Once you have your surface measurements it is time to measure out your Super Hold Rug Pad. I used leftover scrap from a previous project for my drawer liners. Measure out your rug pad and mark with a pen or marker. This will ensure you keep to the measurements when cutting. Once you finishing measuring your Super Hold sections, you can start cutting them out with your scissors. The great thing about the Super Hold rug pads is that they are very easy to cut with any type of scissors. Repeat this step until you have all your Super Hold liners.

Step Four: Add Liners and Return Dishes to Cabinets

Take your completed Super Hold liners and add them to your drawers and cabinets. The great thing about these liners is they are so easy to make and installation is a breeze! Because of their natural non-slip material, there is no need for adhesives or glues to keep them in place. Simply lay them flat in your drawers and cabinets and place your dishes and utensils back in!

Overall this project took me less than 30 minutes, making it the perfect weekend or afternoon DIY project! Get your Super Hold rug pads today and try it for yourself!


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