DURA-GRIP Helps Over 500,000 Homes

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DURA-GRIP Helps Over 500,000 Homes

Since we developed it, more than 500,000 sets of DURA-GRIP have been shipped across the United States, Canada and Australia. Our furniture gripper pad is helping thousands of people with the common problem of furniture slipping on the floor.

What was once a simple little pad that effectively stops furniture from slipping and sliding on any hard floor has now evolved into a household name. Based on its effectiveness, DURA-GRIP has attracted homeowners and business owners from across the nation and abroad as one of the best ways to prevent furniture moving and damaging floors. Originally promoted as a furniture gripper to use under various pieces of furniture, DURA-GRIP has evolved to now being used under furniture, objects of art, medical equipment and washing machines, to name some of them.

DURA-GRIP In The U.S. and Furtherdurafurn1

In 2011, we started offering DURA-GRIP to customers in the United States. In a short time, word spread on the effectiveness of this furniture gripper pad and hundreds of orders every month soon turned into thousands per month. We received hundreds of positive customer feedback, as well as requests from other parts of the world, namely Canada, England and Australia. Based on our aggressive shipping affiliations, we pursued these countries and we started shipping our first sets to Canada, Australia and England with lower than expected shipping rates. Our DURA-GRIP is now proudly being used in homes across the world and we intend to expand on this as more international requests are received.

Furniture and More

We created DURA-GRIP to use under common furniture that caused severe slipping issues, namely sectional sofas and recliner chairs. While the bulk of orders in the first year were used under such pieces of furniture, customers began to experiment to use it under other objects, such as medial equipment, washing machines and the like. A medical office looking for a solution to prevent their machines from vibrating against the floor ordered a trial set. Based on the success of the pad, more and more sets were ordered and DURA-GRIP uses were extended to businesses as well. The same test was used under dancing washing duraroundsetBmachine to discover that DURA-GRIP kept those machines in place and prevented the common noise and vibration of the feel against the floor. In a short time, our DURA-GRIP gripper pads were being ordered for various uses related to stopping items moving, vibrating and making noise against any hard floor surface.

Made From Recycled Materials

Perhaps one of the best features of our DURA-GRIP pads is how they are made. We use excess scraps from our rug pad orders and instead of disposing of them, we actually re-use them to produce DURA-GRIP. Perfectly new and unused material is prepared to go through our normal manufacturing process to produce all sizes and shapes of our DURA-GRIP furniture grippers. We are very proud to maintain our greener commitment with the manufacture of DURA-GRIP and you can be assured of a product that is made with thoughts of preserving the environment.

Over 500,000 homes across the United States, Canada and some other areas of the world have enjoyed the effective power of DURA-GRIP to stop their furniture from sliding all over the floor. This common problem has been causing frustration among homeowners, as furniture is always being misplaced and floors and walls are being damaged – Until the arrival of DURA-GRIP. With these gripper pads under any furniture leg, there is no more moving, sliding or damage to any floor or wall.

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