Reasons Antique Rugs Are So Valuable

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Reasons Antique Rugs Are So Valuable

Handmade rugs are truly works of art and it seems the older they are, the more they are worth. Antique rugs that are properly cared for can be worth much more than when they were new and there are a few reasons for this.

When we refer to Antique Rugs, we mean those that are handmade from various parts of the world. Perhaps the most popular origin of today’s Antique Rugs is Iran, or what used to be called Persia, hence the term Persian Rugs.While Iran was the largest producing country for fine handmade rugs, other countries, such as Turkey, capitalized on their weaving talents as well. In the realistic sense, an Antique Rug is one that is at least 100 years old. Since it is difficult to find rugs at least this age, many dealers and collectors start calling a rug an Antique when it is at least 80 years old.

antiquekazakHandmade and Meant to Last

Today’s Antique Rugs are valuable because they are handmade. Skillful artisans actually sat on a loom to weave the rug that could have taken the better part of a year to make. Depending on their intentions, the weavers would weave their design based on various criteria and each design elements was different from the other – Adding to the charm and character of a genuine handmade rug.

On a loom made up of a grid of cotton from left to right and top to bottom, weavers hand tie each piece of fabric, in most cases wool, around the foundation. The top of this becomes the pile of the rug and the bottom, or knot, becomes the back of the rug. You will notice that with handmade rugs, the design and colors come through to the back and this is a reflection of the knots. As the weavers knot the fabric from left to right, they slowly work row on top of row, packing the fabric down after several rows. With each hand tied knot, the weavers are referring to a hand drawing of the final rug design – So talented that they can actually look to their side at the design and transfer what they see onto the loom through each hand tied knot.

Better With Use

When the rug is finally complete and ready for use, it is used on the floor and should be walked on. Remembering the method of packing down the rows of knots, with each foot step on the rug, pressure forces the knots of the rug to become even tighter. This is the reason old fashioned rug dealers are often heard saying a handmade rug only gets better with use – As it is walked on, this actually adds to the density as the pressure forces the knots to get even closer. Handmade rugs are some of the rare items that actually get finer, or better, with age and use. Unlike their machine made counterparts that flatten and look used quite quickly, finer hand knotted rugs appreciate in value and appearance with time.


Perhaps one of the most unique facets of today’s Antique Rugs is that each one is truly one-of-a-kind! This means that there are not two identical rugs made. Based on the fact that each rug was handmade by different weavers, or even if the same weavers finished one rug and started another, it is impossible for the design and colors to be identical from one rug to the other. This fact adds great value to the rug, unlike machine made rugs that are perfectly woven, identical by the hundreds or thousands. Just like a rare signed oil painting, a quality handmade rug becomes more valuable based on it uniqueness.

Lack Of Technology Adds To The Value

Today, unlike that of years ago, technology plays a role even in the art of handmade rugs. Somehow during some part of the production of new handmade rugs, there is some technology involved. It can be a machine packing down the rows of hand tied knots, or it can be a machine that clips the face fibers of the rug when it is complete – In any case, some machinery is used in the making of handmade rugs today that was non existent in the making of rugs of years ago, making Antique Rugs today even more valuable and rare. For a change, a lack in technology when those rugs were being made actually means a greater value lies within each rug.

While rugs are viewed as floor coverings to be walked on, Antique Rugs also take on another meaning – They are true works of art that are considered to be actual investments. If you are fortunate enough to possess one of these rugs, it is imperative that you take care of the rug with routine cleaning, rotation of the rug and use of a proper rug pad. All of these factors can result in many more years of life even to rugs that are over one hundred years old today. Remember, your Antique Rug cannot be duplicated, so enjoy and appreciate it for what it is – A unique heirloom.

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