Eco Rug Pads

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Eco Rug Pads

Eco Rug Pads are considered to be safe for the home and environment. Rug Pad Corner is pleased to state that since we manufacture the most natural rug pads available, they are often referred to as Eco Rug Pads.

Let’s face it, most rug pads today are made available based on convenience and affordability. This means that manufacturers mass produce their rug pads from common plastics and chemicals in the most affordable method possible. The main reason for this method of production is for stores to be able to offer rug pads at modest, or low, prices. While these pads are very attractive to many people from a price consideration, unfortunately that often cause significant negative benefits. Floor damage, obnoxious odors and compromised protection to rug and floor are some of the more common affects of these inferior quality rug pads, things that we truly frown upon.

Eco Safe and Friendly Rug Pads

eco rug padsBased on the high quality standards of production of our rug pads, Rug Pad Corner refuses to include any chemicals, additives, plastics or adhesives in our rug pads. Whether it be our thick felt or thinner natural rubber pad, our products are certified GREEN and safe for all floors and homes. This is the reason they are often referred to as “Eco Rug Pads” – Those rug pads that perform with no risk of damage to the floor or environment.

Felt and Rubber Rug Pad

Ultra Premium, one of our flagship rug pads, is a felt and rubber rug pad that is meant to prevent rug slipping, as well as to protect rug and floor against common damage. Where most other felt and rubber rug pads contain an adhesive or glue between the felt and rubber layers, we utilize intense heat instead – This keeps the rug pad natural and safe for the floor. While the rubber in others is questionable as to what the actual material is, ours is a layer solid natural rubber.

Thick Felt Rug Pad

Many like to add extra comfort under their area rugs and a thick felt rug pad is perfect for this. Our Superior is a 100% recycled felt rug pad that goes against the norm of containing a common adhesive coating. Instead, once our felt is needle punched together to form the padding, we use heat to press it all together to keep it from shedding. Others actually apply an adhesive coating to each surface, their way of saving money. Unfortunately, the adhesive has negative affects to the floor.

Non Slip Rug Pad

Super Hold may look like other non slip rug pads by its open weave design, yet it is not – Unlike others, ours is all natural American rubber, not plastic. We take solid rubber and manufacture it into this 1/8″ thick non slip rug pad without adding the sticky adhesive that other mesh looking rug pads contain. The result is a rug pad that naturally and safely adheres to any hard floor to prevent slipping, while adding protection against wear and damage.

Eco Rug Pads are those that are considered safe for the environment, organic and natural. They are manufactured without any chemicals, plastics or adhesives, so they do not off-gas, smell or damage the floor. Rug Pad Corner is proud to maintain affiliations with and memberships in leading GREEN organizations that constantly strive towards offering a Greener lifestyle with the most natural products and home furnishings. Others can easily claim to be a Green company with offerings of organic, green or eco safe products, yet unfortunately these are not all valid claims.

eco rug padsTo confirm whether or not a company complies with the offering of eco safe and organic rug pads, be sure to look at various Green Organizations that meet strict standards of membership. Rug Pad Corner is a part of GREEN AMERICA and the U.S. Green Building Council and we proudly maintain or commitment to a Greener America.

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