Rug Pad Retailers of America

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Rug Pad Retailers of America

As one of the largest suppliers of rug pads, we are proud to be a leading and founding member of Rug Pad Retailers of America. This industry specific organization is comprised of rug pad retailers offering only American made rug pads.

What Is Rug Pad Retailers of America?RPPA1

Rug Pad Retailers of America is a non profit industry authority on genuine American made rug pads. The organization strives to offer consumers factual information on rug pads made in the USA, suppliers of such and all of the news related to the products. As a member based organization, one will find only those retailers, manufacturers and suppliers that conform to offering genuine rug pads made in the USA. Due to many unethical misrepresentations of rug pads today, Rug Pad Retailers of America finds it more valuable than ever to properly inform and educate consumers on the benefits of choosing American made rug pads versus those made overseas, specifically from China.

Membership Driven Organization

Since it is a non profit organization, Rug Pad Retailers of America relies heavily on its members to help reinforce its message. There are currently over a dozen good standing members, all of which offer only American made rug pads, that are each dedicated to enforcing the ethics and message that the group stands for. members play an active role in helping to educate consumers through their stores and web sites; There, consumers can find facts, news and information on the rug pad industry, to include those products made in the USA. Members show consumers all of the benefits of using these rug pads versus others made elsewhere. Since members go through a strict process of approval, consumers can be guaranteed that each member offers genuine USA made rug pads.

Rug Pad CornerRug Pad Corner’s Role

We are proud to state that we were among the first chosen members of the organization. As a member in excellent standing, we abide by all the rules of Rug Pad Retailers of America; We attend all meetings and webinars; We maintain the most strict standards for offering the most natural rug pads made in the USA. As a rule, Rug Pad Corner stands for American made rug pads, so our partnership and affiliation with Rug Pad Retailers of America is a great compliment to all the organization stands for.

On our web site, we offer customers and visitors as many facts and as much information as we can relevant to our rug pads. Visitors to will learn about our specific rug pads, the benefits they offer to area rugs and floors, as well as the difference between our natural rug pads and those rug pads offered by others. We constantly maintain our association and commitment to Green America, The U.S. Green Building Council, The National Wood flooring Association and other specialized organizations related to the flooring industry and Green, Eco-Safe motivated groups. All of these are related to our dedication to continue to offer rug pads made in the USA, a top priority of Rug Pad Retailers of America.

Unfortunately, there are so many rug pad suppliers that claim to offer rug pads made in the USA, when the contrary is true – Mainly that those same rug pads are tested and found to be made in China with inferior quality material. Since few rug pads are ever marked or labeled with material content or origin of manufacture, Rug Pad Retailers of America proves to be a useful resource to any consumer looking to validate the origin of any rug pad. Fortunately for consumers looking for rug pads, there is Rug Pad Retailers of America – The industry authority on validating those rug pads certified made in the USA, as well as the suppliers offering such pads.

We hope and believe that you will be better informed and more educated about the importance of choosing American made rug pads by visiting

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