Top 5 Reasons To Use Felt Rug Pad

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Top 5 Reasons To Use Felt Rug Pad

While there are several types of rug pads one can use under their area rugs, felt is one of the better choices. It provides the benefits we look for in terms of protection and comfort to make it the top choice under any area rug.

The most common type of rug pad that comes to mind when deciding to choose one for a rug is the thinner mesh looking pads that are also non slip. These pads are mass produced in China, are inexpensive and available in just about any store, making them readily accessible. While these are still considered the most popular type of rug pad today, there are a few excellent reasons to pass over them and choose a quality felt one instead.

Reasons To Use Felt Rug Pad

top 5 reasons to use felt rug pad

Felt rug pad offers more effective benefits than other types of padding.

Protection to Rug
A rug pad is first used to prolong the life of any area rug. In terms of this protection, no rug pad is more effective than felt. Think about what happens to a rug when it is on the floor – It is walked on, ran across and probably has furniture on it. All of these variables add stress and tension to the rug and can cause premature wear and unnecessary damage. The rug pad should be able to resist the pressure so that the rug can be used without compromising its condition or appearance. Felt rug pads are solid and are available in a very dense weave, resistant enough to forbid any penetration through the rug to reach the floor. It can absorb the pressure of a foot step better than any thinner open weave pad can, hence relieving the rug of common stress.

Floor Protection
The floors under our rugs can experience much stress without our knowledge, so the rug pad should be able to protect them. When a rug is walked on, the pressure can penetrate through the rug to affect the floor. High heels are known to push through and dent the floor, so the rug pad must resist this penetration. A similar thing happens when heavy furniture is placed on the rug – the legs can push through the rug to dent the floor. For these reasons, felt rug pads are solid and dense enough to prevent the pressure that can normally damage the floor. The thinner open weave pads are more forgiving and can allow penetration, causing significant damage to the floor, particularly to hardwood floors.

There is very little comfort, if any, with a thin mesh looking rug pad. Felt rug pads are available in a variety of thicknesses, each offering a certain level of comfort. The choices are 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ thick comfort, depending on the pad, and this makes any hard floor feel more inviting. With a thick felt rug pad under a rug, sitting and playing on the rug becomes more enjoyable.

Noise Reduction
Many customers request a rug pad to reduce noise from their floor, or a noise reduction rug pad – This is particularly common in apartment living, or in any residence with more than one type of floor. Some felt rug pads possess excellent noise reduction qualities and can absorb the impact that causes noise on the floor. Choose a dense 40-ounce pad for maximum protection against noise. In terms of those thinner non slip pads, there is no noise reduction quality to speak of.

Cold floors can create an uncomfortable setting and increase demand for heat, so the right rug pad can insulate to prevent cold passing into the room. Felt rug pads possess excellent thermal properties to warm even the coldest floor. If a thinner rug pad is used, the cold tends to pass through the pad to enter the room. The level of insulation offered by felt rug padding is determined by the density of the pad – The higher the density, the better the insulation. A 40-ounce dense felt rug pad will prevent cold better than any other and should be considered if the floor is extremely cold or in very cold climates.

We’re happy to offer you the top 5 reasons to use felt rug pad. There are felt rug pads known to offer thick protection and comfort and there are felt and rubber rug pads that also add the function of being non slip for those rugs that tend to slip. Both types of padding offer the benefits described within this article and normally last at least 15 years before needing replacement. If you are buying a new area rug, be careful to choose the right felt rug pad. If you already have a rug with or without a rug pad, it’s worth the investment to replace the pad with a felt pad. The small price to pay now can result in long term protection and safety.



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