Certified RPC Heat Pressed™ Rug Pads

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Certified RPC Heat Pressed™ Rug Pads

Rug pads certified as RPC Heat Pressed are those that are manufactured without any glues or adhesives. These rug pads are reinforced during production with intense heat, to avoid the common harmful glues and adhesives that damage floors.

Felt rug pads go through a series of production stages, one of them being the finishing touch of reinforcing the felt. This means that once the padding is compressed into the required thickness, a process is then applied to prevent the felt from shedding or fraying when in use. Without this process, felt rug pads can start to shed in the home, something best to avoid. Most rug pads contain an adhesive coating as the method to prevent the felt from shedding. Based on the fact that Rug Pad Corner maintains the most natural quality rug pads, we do not coat our rug pads with adhesive. We developed our own exclusive process involving heat to reinforce the felt fibers to the rug pad. The result is Certified RPC Heat Pressed™ Rug Pads that can be used on any type of floor without risk of damage.

certified RPC heat pressed rug pads

RPC Heat Pressed™ Rug Pads are molded together through intense heat to avoid the content of adhesives that are in all other rug pads.

During their production, felt rug pads undergo a final process of reinforcing the felt to the pad to prevent any shedding when in use. For reasons of ease and cost, manufacturers apply a coat of adhesive to each side of the finished padding – This adhesive dries and forms a stiff surface that keeps the felt together and prevents any future shedding. Unfortunately, the adhesive is known to cause damage to floors, particularly hardwood, as well as contain an odor and off-gas. Manufacturers use adhesive because it effectively prevents the rug pad from shedding. Another reason adhesive is used is because it is very inexpensive and is applied rather quickly, cutting down on cost.

What is RPC Heat Pressed™?

While rug pad manufacturers use adhesive in their rug pads, we do not. In order to maintain the natural standards within our rug pads, we developed an intense Heat Pressing process that reinforces the rug pad through heat, not adhesive. The Certified RPC Heat Pressed™ Rug Pads are those that have passed through intense heat during the last stage of production – The heat is utilized to press the felt fibers together to prevent the rug pad from shedding when it is used. If you imagine the act of ironing something, RPC Heat Pressed™ Rug Pads, in essence, have been ironed with intense heat to mold the fibers to keep them intact. Our Heat pressing carries the same effect as applying an adhesive in terms of reinforcement, yet it is a much safer method, as it does not cause damage to the floor.

Heat Pressed Felt and Rubber Rug Pads
There are all felt rug pads and there are felt and rubber rug pads, such as our Ultra Premium. We now know that the felt rug pad is Heat Pressed to prevent shedding of the felt. The felt and rubber rug pads involve Heat Pressing to attach the rubber to the felt. In other felt and rubber rug pads, the rubber is glued to the felt to attach it – This creates a bond between the felt and rubber, yet the glue is an inferior method because of its negative affects. The rubber in Ultra Premium is Heat Pressed to the felt, creating and solid and sturdy rug pad that will not break down, off-gas, smell or stick to the floor like those coated with adhesives.

Heat Pressed Rug pads Versus Adhesive Coating

There are various benefits of RPC Heat Pressed Rug Pads versus adhesive coated rug pads. Heat Pressing is safer for the floor, does not cause odors and does not off-gas. We have summarized the benefits of one over the other below:

• RPC Heat Pressed Rug Pads do not contain any chemical or adhesive-like odor – Adhesive coated ones do
• RPC Heat Pressed Rug Pads do not off-gas – Adhesive coated pads off-gas
• RPC Heat Pressed Rug Pads are safe for all floors – Adhesive coated rug pads stain, stick to or discolor floors

Fortunately, as the manufacturer of our rug pads, we are able to control the quality of our production. RPC Heat Pressed™ Rug Pads are the result of our commitment to natural quality rug pads without the use of any adhesives or chemicals.

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