The Secrets Behind No-Muv

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The Secrets Behind No-Muv

No-Muv is a rug pad that solves the very common problem of rugs slipping and wrinkling when placed on carpet. It is unlike any other pad that claims to effectively stop rugs wrinkling and slipping on top of carpet.

When we first started offering rug pads online, we immediately received on influx of requests for a product that stops rugs from wrinkling on top of carpet. We can truly appreciate this request, as we have seen this problem for many years. It is inevitable that when you place an area rug on top of your carpeting, the rug will eventually creep and wrinkle. The wrinkling is the result of any pressure that is applied to the rug, such as furniture or foot steps. In order to prevent this problem, we knew we had to offer something to resist the pressure, as well as grab to the carpet below. These two accomplishments will result in a rug pad that stops any rug moving and wrinkling on carpet – That is No-Muv. The secrets behind it are its method of construction, as well as its density.

no-muv_hardwood_runners_2Lower Surface Grabs and Holds to Carpet

No-Muv is not like any other rug pad that claims to work on carpet – it is not sticky. One of its secrets is the lower felt surface that sits against the carpet. Recycled felt is densely needle punched to form the rug pad. Once the felt has been needle punched together, the lower surface undergoes a unique process to give it its texture. The texture is similar to that of very fine sandpaper – It works by gripping to the carpet and holding it in a non slip function. One common problem with a rug on carpet is the fact that the rug shifts and slips. The texture prevents this and keeps the rug in its place.

Upper Surface Resists Pressure

The other problem with a rug on carpet is the fact that the rug easily wrinkles. This creates an unacceptable appearance, as well as a safety hazard. A wrinkled rug can cause people to trip and fall. The reason for the wrinkles is the fact that pressure from foot steps or furniture on the rug pushes down and causes wrinkles. You may try to bend down to straighten the rug, yet it will wrinkle again in a short time. No-Muv is manufactured with an intense density to enable it to resist any pressure that can cause the rug to wrinkle. Regardless of the amount of furniture or its weight, No-Muv resists it and keeps your rug as flat as possible.

Several months ago, a woman called us with the problem that nothing would keep her rug flat on top of her carpeting. She was actually testing a board of plywood under her area rug and stated that this was the only method she could fine to prevent wrinkling, yet was not practical due to its hard feel. We explained the effectiveness of No-Muv and she decided to order. After she received the rug pad and placed it under her area rug, she tested it for a few days before calling us again. She told us that she had to let us know that No-Muv functioned just like the piece of plywood, yet obviously felt much better to walk on. Since she tried everything, she thought No-Muv would be just another failure. That said, she was extremely surprised and happy that it did work.

We offer No-Muv rug on carpet pad in all sizes and shapes, as well as custom cut, with free shipping within the contiguous United States. If you have a rug on carpet that will not stay flat, try No-Muv and see the difference. Shop Now.


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