How To Prevent Echoes In Room

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How To Prevent Echoes In Room

Many homes containing hardwood or hard floor surfaces can echo from sound such as talking or walking through the room. This is a common issue that can actually be prevented by dampening the cause of the echoes, such as through the use of floor coverings.

One of our customers explains that while living in his Brooklyn, NY residence, he would notice echoes in each room. Through some online research, he discovered that placing floor coverings, such as carpets or area rugs, on the floor would help dampen the noise. So, he measured each room full of hardwood floors and purchased several area rugs that did not fill the entire rooms, yet filled a major portion of each room. These area rugs definitely helped with the echoes, as they seemed to absorb much of the sound. While the rugs seemed to have helped insulate the room against this noise, he did still encounter times of echoes, so he pursued the issue even more.

With more online searches, the customer found some articles on our Superior felt rug pad. He learned that Superior is rated as one of the most effective noise reduction rug pads, so he thought that if it can prevent floor noise, Superior must also be able to help reduce and prevent any echoes in a room. He called us and explained his problem, to which we confirmed the fact that Superior will definitely help with the echo problem. He proceeded to order the sizes to fit his area rugs, received them and placed them under all of his rugs. After the rug pads were placed under the rugs, the actions that caused the echoes no longer did!

How Superior Felt Rug Pad Prevents Echoes

how to prevent echos in room

Superior is an all felt rug pad made of natural fibers in the USA. What separates it from other felt rug pads is the fact that we use a true 40 ounce compression rate when we pack the felt together. This means that pure felt is compressed to the level we demand, in this case 40 ounces. Since it is so dense, Superior does not contain any air in place of some felt – Allowing it to absorb the impact that causes sound and echoes, as well as insulate the floor and room. When less dense rug padding is used, while this can reduce echoes, it does not completely prevent them. The air between the felt fibers allows for the escape of sound and this causes the echo. Superior is as solid a felt rug pad as can be and acts as the most effective method of absorbing the sound that causes echoes. It is often rated as the most effective noise reduction rug pad.

How To Install Superior Rug Pad

Since it is imperative to use as much of the rug pad as possible on your floor, Superior should be placed under most of the area of the rug. That said, it is best to use the actual rug size as a measure of the size of the rug pad. With the rug size, we cut Superior to be approximately 1.5 inches smaller on all sides – This allows for the edges of the rug to relax to the floor while still being enough pad to effectively cover as much floor as possible. Once Superior is properly installed under area rugs, it will not be seen and can be felt when walked on as a very comfortable barrier between rug and floor.

Many homeowners can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to insulate rooms against sound and echoes. In rooms with hard floor surfaces, it is helpful to first start by insulating the floor against the sound, such as with an area rug or carpet along with the proper rug pad. In 90 percent of residences, this method is enough to turn a once echoing room into a quiet, insulated room. As the rug pad prevents echoes, Superior also offers the benefits of protecting rugs and floors against damage and wear, as well as adding an extra layer of comfort to an otherwise hard and uncomfortable floor.

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