DURA-GRIP In New Color

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DURA-GRIP In New Color

We are very proud to announce an improved version of our extremely effective DURA-GRIP furniture gripper pad. DURA-GRIP is now available in a tan color that is very compatible with most furniture legs and many floor finishes. Unlike the previous color of light purple, this new tan color compliments more floors, making it even more of an effective furniture pad.

dura-grip in new color

DURA-GRIP is now made in this new Tan color to compliment more furniture and floor finishes.

We have been manufacturing and offering DURA-GRIP since 2012 and it has been found to be one of the most effective pads for use under all types of furniture to prevent sliding and movement. It is also a great floor protector pad, preventing common floor scratches and dents from furniture. In its first two years of production, DURA-GRIP was made with a light purple color rubber – while extremely useful, it has been found to distract from floor and furniture finishes that are commonly a shade of brown. Ideally, a DURA-GRIP pad will be the exact size of the furniture leg so that it cannot be seen. This is not always possible, so when it does protrude beyond the furniture leg, the purple color can be seen against the furniture and floor. In its new tan color, DURA-GRIP can now be slightly bigger than the furniture and not cause any significant clash between it and the floor or furniture.

“We asked hundreds of customers to choose between various potential colors for our DURA-GRIP pad in order for us to decide on a color”, states Luis of Rug Pad Corner. ‘The majority of customers admitted that while the purple pad performed beyond expectations, it was not the ideal color – Most customers chose the tan color.” Since many consumers today are changing their floors to hardwood, most of these floors are very compatible with any shade of brown or tan. For this reason, the new DURA-GRIP tan gripper pad seems like a natural fit. And since brown is a traditional furniture color, DURA-GRIP now blends with more types of furniture. The result of our new tan colored DURA-GRIP pad means more flexibility with more furniture and floor uses.

DURA-GRIP is made in our warehouse in Connecticut and it is a result of a dense fiber center between two layers of natural textured rubber. Unlike any other furniture gripper pad, DURA-GRIP works without being taped or attached to the furniture – so there is no mess or sticky residue to furniture or floor. The textured rubber naturally adheres to and holds all furniture and to all floors. Since there are no adhesives added to the rubber, the pad is safe for all floor surfaces. We make it in a variety of sizes in both round and square shapes, making it available for all furniture sizes. DURA-GRIP successfully stops all furniture from moving and sliding, to include sectionals, chairs, sofas, recliners, beds, tables and any furniture that is meant to stay in place.

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