How To Care For Your Rug Pads

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How To Care For Your Rug Pads

Rug pads can add so many benefits to your area rugs and floors and, while they require little care, it is a good idea to practice some simple routine maintenance to assure a long life of performance and protection. While there are various types of rug pads, most of them require the similar type of care. There are some simple steps that can prevent premature wear and lack of performance from any quality rug pad. Whether it be  solid felt pad or an open weave mesh design, your rug pad will benefit from these simple steps, which will ultimately benefit your area rugs and floors.

Dust Your Rug Pad

cleaning of your rug pads Area rugs ultimately allow dust and grit to penetrate through to the floor, or to the rug pad. In this case, it is important to prevent any build up of dust rubbing against the back of your rug. Try to check the rug pad at least once every three months for any dust. Reveal the pad and take a broom or vacuum to remove the dust or dirt that has passed through the rug. Most rug pads can tolerate a vacuum, yet there may be thinner more sensitive pads that cannot and in this case, you can broom sweep the dust from the pad and then vacuum it up from the floor. By removing any dust or dirt from your rug pad, you prevent premature wear to your area rug and the pad itself.

Rotate The Rug Pad

Like with your area rugs, your rug pads experience traffic patterns which lead to eventual wear patterns. It is a great idea to rotate your rug and pad at least once a year. When you rotate the two, you are preventing excessive wear to just one part of the rug and padding. Simply remove the rug to expose the pad. Since the rug pad is exposed, you can take this opportunity to remove any dust or dirt from the pad and floor. Next, rotate the rug pad clockwise so that the ends are on opposite sides now. Do the same to your area rug and place the rug back on the rug pad. When you rotate your rug pad, you prevent common flattening or matting of the pad in one area, keeping it more resistant to protect and perform as it is meant to.

Clean Your Rug Pad

Perhaps the only time you may want to clean your rug pad is if it is exposed to constant spills. To spot clean most pads, you may use a sponge and mild liquid detergent and water solution. Lightly scrub the affected area with the sponge, let air dry and your rug pad should be clean. There are times when you feel your rug pad should be completely cleaned. In this case, it is not recommended to use a washing machine. Instead, you can lightly brush the pad with a mild liquid detergent and lukewarm water. You may either use a scrub brush for smaller pads, or a brush and handle for larger pads. Since many felt rug pads can shed with heavy pressure, try to lightly scrub the pad to avoid any stress to its fibers or material. Once done, you can let the pad air dry and if preferred, you may vacuum any soapy residue before using the pad again. These simple steps to care for your rug pads can prove to add years of life and performance to the pads, rugs and floor. Rug pads are meant to withstand much pressure and stress, yet like most floor coverings, then can experience premature wear and damage. By choosing to follow some simple care procedures with your rug pads, you can assure that they will continue to protect and perform as they are meant to and will not need replacement for several years.

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