How to Use Rugs in an Open Concept Home

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How to Use Rugs in an Open Concept Home

Open floor plans have become staples in many current homes. Whether you have a modern or a more traditional style it is hard to create the perfect cohesive design to tie together all spaces. One of the best ways to combine unique spaces is by using area rugs. In an open floor plan, furniture settings must be anchored in some way otherwise they will feel disjointed. An area rug creates the illusion of containment even when there are no walls. Combining area rugs is a great way to anchor individual furniture settings but still create a cohesive look. If you have an open floor plan in your home, check out our advice on how to use area rugs to make a cohesive design.

Easiest Way to Combine: Matchopenconcept3

Matching rugs are ideal for an open floor plan. Matching rugs are especially useful in areas where the furniture settings serve the same function. While using identical rugs are ideal for tying spaces together, it is also the predictable and safe option. If you want to use matching rugs and avoid being boring, try a bold patterned rug.

Combining Solids

If you want to be adventurous with mismatched rugs but don’t want anything too bold, start with solid colors. Solid color area rugs are the easiest to combine. The colors just have to compliment each other. One of the easiest ways to combine solids is by using one neutral tone and one bold colored rug. Using mismatched rugs is a great way to distinguish between furniture settings with different functions. For example a dining and living space. Take into consideration the type of flooring under your rug, since many kitchens and dining rooms have laminate or tile floors consider purchasing a rug pad for laminate floors to prevent your rug from sliding and bunching.

Similar Color Palette

Trying to go bold by using patterned rugs? Try combining patterned rugs with similar color palettes. This will assure harmony between the spaces while still keeping their unique characters. One of the easiest ways to ensure a patterned rug will fit in an open space is by pairing it with a solid rug of a similar color. The combination will distinguish the spaces as unique from each other without making them seem disjointed.

openconcept2Combining Texture

If combining patterns seems like too much of a risk for you; try combining textured rugs. Most textured rugs come in neutral tones, making them easy to pair with other rugs. A jute rug is a great rug to use when combining rugs due to their neutral tone. A hide is another unique rug that adds texture but still can be paired with most other neutral toned rugs.

Oriental Rugs

While the bright patterns and colors of an oriental seem like a risk in an open floor plan, these rugs are actually ideal for combining. Most oriental rugs have similar patterns and colors within them, making them easier to pair than most other patterned rugs. Be sure to include rug pads under all of your rugs to keep your floors protected and to extend to longevity of your rugs. If you decide to pair two oriental rugs try to find two with the same dominant color. Even if the pattern is slightly different, the matching dominant colors will create a cohesive look.

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