Rug Pad Coupon Code – First Ever by Rug Pad Corner

10% Off Rug Pads
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Presenting Rug Pad Corner’s Coupon Code

Rug Pad Corner is pleased to announce the first coupon code in our history. Coupon code RPC10 offers 10% off your entire rug pad order through March 31, 2014 at Rug Pad Corner.

Rug Pad Corner started business with a simple, yet effective, business model –  To offer the most natural rug pads at down to earth prices with no hidden fees. The rug pads are available in all sizes and shapes, as well as custom, without any surcharge for special cut sizes. Based on offering these rug pads at the most reasonable and value driven prices, we do not have any room for extreme sale discounts, hence we never hold any sales. While similar to sales, coupon codes are another form of discount. Unlike most stores that offer coupon codes, Rug Pad Corner does not promote it on our web site. Instead, a search on the Internet for the coupon will yield the result.

rug pad corner coupon code“A coupon code is an interesting dynamic in that it forces customers to actually search for their discount”, states our founder, Sam Kaoud. “Instead of finding an automatic discount in the shopping cart, a customer needs to search for the code to receive its benefits”. We have never entertained a sale because our pricing policy does not have room for such discounts. Rug Pad Corner can literally raise prices on all of our rug pads in all sizes and shapes, just to discount them back to normal in the form of a sale. This goes against everything that this company was built upon; mainly, offering the best value, quality and service at the most sensible prices. Many stores find the need to offer permanent sales in order to perform their business and this normally includes higher than normal regular prices just to show a deep discount. The end result is a selling price of what it should be selling at normally.

Why Offer a Coupon Code

When Rug Pad Corner decided to finally offer a coupon code, it was based on the fact that we wanted to give customers a sense of satisfaction. Since each customer needs to literally search for the code, this puts a greater value on the discount and purchase. If our prices automatically reflected deep discounts just by placing items in the shopping cart, then what kind of value is there in our regular prices? Our belief is that if our every day pricing on each of our rug pads is fair, honest and value driven, then there is no need for constant sales. “Our customers know where there is value”, states Sam. “The bottom line is with or without a sale, what is the final price on a product? We can offer our 9′ x 12′ Ultra Premium for $199 and discount it 25%, or simply price it every day for the $169 that we need to receive for it.” While this pricing seems to be quite fair, we do realize that some shoppers like the satisfaction of getting further discounts. Based on this, Rug Pad Corner issued its first ever coupon code, RPC10, that offers a genuine 10% savings off an entire order, regardless of order size.

How to Receive the Coupon Code Discount

We have placed our coupon code on only a few external sites that host coupon codes. For those who have not yet read this post, to find the code, one would simply search the Internet for “Rug Pad Corner Coupon Code” and follow the results to the site that offers the code. When you retrieve the code, currently RPC10, enter this in the shopping cart section of our web site before actually checking out. When you apply the coupon code, you will see the revised discounted amount within your shopping cart. The current coupon RPC10 deducts 10% off your entire shopping cart amount.

The prices of rug pads at Rug Pad Corner are considered to be excellent value for the quality and service offered. Unlike many companies, we do not inflate our regular prices only to allow for permanent discounts. Based on this value, an extra 10% received from any coupon proves to offer incredible value. “We like to offer our customers a what you see is what you get experience”, states Sam. “This is always the case with our rug pads, as nothing is ever hidden, and also holds true for our pricing.” You won’t find the age old retail pricing game of posting higher than normal regular prices, only to show them slashed down to discount prices that are actually where they should be as regular retail.

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