Silk Rugs – Art for the Floor and Wall

Contemporary silk and wool blend rug.
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Silk Rugs For Standing and For Hanging

In the world of handmade rugs, silk rugs hail as some of the finest knotted rugs in the world. These investment pieces have come to be admired as art for the floor and wall.

Like most handmade rugs, silk rugs have a charm of their own. They are handmade masterpieces with various designs and color palettes. The designs normally have a meaning and are generated from each rug’s weavers; a group of skilled craftsman dedicated to the art of rug weaving. Since silk is the finest and thinnest fiber within handmade rugs, even the smallest of sizes can take years to weave. Once complete, each silk rug is considered a work of art the can truly be used either on the floor or on the wall.

silkrugSilk rugs are made in Turkey, Iran, China and India, with the finest in the world being made in both Turkey and Iran. Master weavers have been enjoying this art for hundreds of years in these parts of the world. Unlike mass produced machine made rugs, silk rugs are all one-of-a-kind – No two are ever exact, even if they are meant to be. Variables such as the dye lots within the batches of silk, as well as the behavior of each weaver, determine the precise design and colors of each silk rug. The fact that no two silk rugs are identical actually adds to the charm and value of each rug. Furthermore, since each is made by hand, silk rugs are rarely perfect. It is common to find inconsistencies within the design and colors in a silk rug. In terms of the characteristics of silk, one is the fact that it expresses variations within its sheen. The silk strand can look darker from one angle and considerably lighter from another angle.

Silk Rugs for the Floor

Many people are actually quite hesitant to use a silk rug on the floor because they believe that the rug is fragile. Granted, silk is some of the softest fiber anywhere, yet its softness should not fool us. Technically speaking, silk fiber is one of the strongest used in handmade rugs. Of course it is the most expensive as well, perhaps another reason why people hesitate to walk on it. All things considered in regards to the quality and durability of handmade rugs, silk rugs are meant to be walked on and will last for generations, even under traffic. Since silk is so fine, it can easily wrinkle and slip when used on the floor. In this case, it is imperative to use the proper non slip rug pad under the rug.

Contemporary silk and wool blend rug.

Contemporary silk and wool blend rug.

Historically, silk rugs were made with traditional patterns and colors; red and blue jewel tones on quite formal designs. While still made this way, silk rugs are now also made in keeping with today’s fashion industry. There are silk rugs woven in earth tones, bright colors, formal designs, geometric patterns and even more modern designs. Many rugs contain pure silk and others are wool with silk as an accent to the design. While silk rugs on the floor create exceptional decor elements, they also prove to be some of the more durable floor coverings. As previously mentioned, silk as a fiber is the most durable there is in the handmade rug industry. There are less of them used on the floor based on cost more than anything else. Putting cost aside, the effect that a silk rug adds to any floor is priceless, to say the least.

Silk Rugs for the Wall

Since there are many silk rugs made in smaller sizes, they are practical for hanging on the wall. Weavers of these types of rugs tend to design and weave what is called a “one way design”. This refers to the design having a specific top and bottom, ideal for hanging on the wall. A very popular one way design is the ‘Tree of Life”, depicting a scene of a tree with all types of animals generating from it. Since there is so much intricacy in the weaving of silk rugs, having one on the wall is often more interesting and more visually exciting to admire than an oil painting. After all, a silk rug, as with an oil painting, is a true work of art – Every aspect of the rug is created and put together by hand – leaving much for the viewer to discover and admire. Add to that the distinct sheen that the silk portrays, and this work of art becomes priceless.

Art for the floor and wall can be truly enjoyed and admired through the makings of silk rugs. These handmade masterpieces can take years to make and each one depicts a special story or design that can take just as long to appreciate.

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