How to Use Rugs for the Bedroom

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Rugs in the Bedroom

The Perfect Way To Utilize Your Rugs for the Bedroom

Bedrooms evoke a feel of warmth and comfort and the use of an area rug just adds to that feel. There are a few different ways in which to use and position area rugs in a bedroom and each has their benefits.

When we think of a bedroom with hardwood or hard floors, the use of an area rug or carpet can only add the benefit of extra warmth, comfort and color. When the right rug, or rugs, are chosen to be used, the bedroom can take on an even warmer and more relaxing feel. For this reason, it is important to choose just the right rug and place it in just the right place on the floor. There are bedrooms that call for one larger rug placed partially under the bed and then there are rooms where scatter rugs surrounding the bed are more suitable. In either case, the rug should add an extra level of decor and comfort to the room. In the scenarios mentioned within this article, I write under the assumption that the bed is centered on one wall of the bedroom.

Bedroom Rug

With one larger rug centered on the bed, the floor adds a nice border to the rug.

Using One Area Rug In the Bedroom

Many people have the belief that rooms should only have one area rug on the floor. In this case, the rug is centered on the bed and most often extends under it. To choose the right rug size, we need to consider the size of the room and bed. When the rug is centered on the floor, we should see a border of floor around the rug. Since we are using only one rug, we want to be sure to be able to see a good portion of the design and color. Considering this, we center the rug under the bed and the result is a rug extending from the foot and sides of the bed, while a fair amount of it is also under the bed. Since the rug is anchored by the bed, a felt rug pad is great under the rug, It does not prevent slipping, yet with the weight on the rug, there is no need for a non slip rug pad.

While this look of one rug in the room is very desirable to many people, it is important to make sure enough of the rug extends beyond all sides of the bed. If the rug is too small, it can easily look like a place mat for the bed. For this reason, we consider the size of the room and of the bed when choosing the rug size. While too much rug is not good, too little rug is also not a good look. The rug should be big enough to extend beyond the foot of the bed enough to show at least half of the rug. It should also be big enough to extend at least a few feet beyond each side of the bed. If the rug does not reach these points, then the room does not look balanced.

Using Multiple Rugs in the Bedroom

Red and Green RugFor those who desire the look of a few rugs in the room, this normally means three rugs; one at the foot of the bed and one on each side of the bed. With this type of floor plan, the rug at the foot of the bed is normally larger then the other two. The two at the sides of the bed may or may not be the same size, depending on the amount of room on each side of the bed. While all three rugs can be different in design, they should all compliment each other with a mutual flow of color.

The choice of the amount of area rugs to use on the floor of your bedroom is determined by the size and layout of the room, as well as be your preferences. Generally, the larger the room, the more forgiving it is to using more rugs. One of the benefits of using a few rugs over one rug is the exposure of the floor. This is an important feature for many people who desire to see their floor.  Since the rugs are scattered, we can see the floor between them and the floor surrounding them. Using more than one area rug in the room creates more versatility. Since in many rooms, smaller rugs are easier to use than larger rugs, the rugs can be moved to another room without much space restriction. Trying this with a larger rug could pose some restraints.

If we think about three area rugs around a bed, it is most suitable for the rugs to have their specific place on the floor. The larger rug is normally centered on the foot of the bed and the smaller ones are at each side of the bed. One purpose for the side rugs is to add comfort for getting out of bed. These rugs at the side of the bed add a cushion for our feet to land on, a very nice benefit. For this reason, while the side rugs do not need to be very large, they should be big enough to allow for stepping on to them once coming out of the bed. Since all three rugs normally do not have any of the furniture on them, we must be careful of slipping. These smaller rugs can tend to slip and are much safer with the use of a non slip rug pad. Depending on the pad thickness, it can add an extra level of comfort and , more importantly, extra safety. The pad will prevent the rug slipping, preventing any harm, as well as keeping the floor looking good by keeping the rugs in their place.

The use of rugs on a  bedroom floor can add great benefits to the room. Use area rugs to add extra warmth and comfort, as well as another level of decor. Whether you choose to use one larger rug, or a few smaller rugs, the addition of the right rugs to any bedroom can create a priceless look. Since the bedroom can be considered a tranquil escape from a somewhat hectic life, it is important to love the rugs you choose for the floor.

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