When To Use An All Felt Rug Pad

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Using All Felt Rug Pads

Felt rug pad offers many benefits to rug and floor and should be used when slipping is not an issue. Use felt padding under larger and heavier rugs, or under rugs that are anchored by furniture.

Felt rug pad contains pure felt without any rubber. For this reason, it does not possess any non slip properties and should not be used as a non slip rug pad. Felt is a somewhat softer material that slips on any hard floor surface. Based on this, it should be used under rugs that do not tend to slip. Superior rug pad is available in two thicknesses, so this felt rug pad offers many options.

Larger and Heavier Rugs

when to use an all felt rug pad

Superior felt rug pad is ideal under area rugs where slipping is not an issue.

Rugs in living rooms, some bedrooms, family rooms and dining rooms tend to be larger in size. With the larger size comes a heavier weight. These types of area rugs generally do not have a slipping issue, so an all felt rug pad is very suitable. If you do consider an all felt rug pad for your rug, you should decide on the thickness. We offer Superior rug pad in 1/4″ and 3/8″ thickness in all sizes. The thickness of the rug pad is determined by the amount of comfort you desire, as well as the thickness of the rug it will be used with. Generally, the thicker the area rug, the more likely our thinner felt rug pad will work best. We want to avoid the rug and pad sticking too high off the floor so that it does not pose a tripping issue. We would suggest for rugs that are thicker than 1/4″, our 1/4″ thick felt rug pad is best. Any rug thinner than this can probably use extra comfort, so Superior 3/8″ thick pad works well.

Furniture on Area Rugs

There are many rooms that have furniture placed on an area rug. In this situation, we can almost disregard the size of the rug because of the weight of the furniture. If the rug is small or large, the fact that furniture is sitting on it reduces the chances of slipping. So, it is realistic to use an all felt rug pad under most rugs anchored by furniture. There may be instances in which a smaller rug has furniture on it, yet the rug is walked on often and the corners may slip. For this type of setting, then a non slip rug pad will assure the rug will not slip.

Rugs Only as Accent Pieces

There are some area rugs that are literally never walked on, regardless of rug size. We have seen areas such as living rooms with an accent rug at one end. The rug does not get walked on, yet should still have a rug pad under it to protect the floor and rug. In this case, since comfort is not an issue, a thinner felt rug pad is ideal. The area rug is more of a decorative piece in the room and does not have any other function, so rug pad thickness is almost a mute point.

All felt rug pads are extremely safe for the floor, add great comfort and give an extra lift to any area rug. If you determine that your rug does not have a slipping issue, for whatever reason, then choose a felt rug pad in your desired thickness to prolong the life of the rug and floor, while adding a richer look to the rug.

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