Holiday Sweepstakes Free Rug Pad

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Holiday Sweepstakes Free Rug Pad

We’re giving away one of our rug pads to the best Holiday decorated room! Simply post your picture on our Facebook page and have a chance to win a rug pad.

Rug Pad Corner always likes to add some holiday cheer and this holiday season is no different. Last month we held a special holiday recipe sweepstakes for a free rug pad and this time its all about holiday decorating. Our sweepstakes simply means that the decorations with the most amount of likes on our Facebook page wins any one of our rug pads up to size 10′ x 14′. To enter, you must have a Facebook account and you must simply take a picture of your best holiday decorating, indoor or outdoor, it’s that simple!

How to Enter Our Holiday Sweepstakes Event

holiday sweepstakes free rug padChoose some of your favorite decorations, indoor or outdoor, and take a picture of it. Next, visit our Facebook page and simply post your picture in the comments section of the holiday post. You may also add any comment related to the picture. Our followers will then be able to view the picture and vote for their likes.

Holiday Sweepstakes End date

Our Holiday Sweepstakes will end on December 31, 2013, so time is winding down. If interested, be sure to post your picture by that date. When we return after the New Year, we will review all pictures and their “likes” to determine the winner.

How to Claim Your Rug Pad

There is nothing more for you to do to get your rug pad. The lucky winner with the most likes will be notified on January 2, 2014, with notice of winning. We will also request the rug pad size and type from our store so that we can cut and ship. The choice of pad is from any of our rug pads up to a size of 10′ x 14′.

The Rug Pad Corner Holiday sweepstakes offers a chance for you to win one of our quality rug pads. So, if you are looking to get one, feel free to post your holiday decoration picture to see if it gets the most likes. Even if you don’t need a rug pad now, we still welcome your picture for others to enjoy!

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