How to Stop Furniture From Sliding

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Prevent Furniture from Moving with DURA-GRIP Furniture Pads

Furniture sliding on hardwood or any hard floor is a common problem in many homes. While there are products that claim to stop furniture moving, DURA-GRIP pads seem to be the best and most effective way to keep all furniture in place.

Stop Furniture from Sliding Now!

You may be one of the thousands of people who often watch their sectional sofa, recliner chair or bed move on the floor when being used. If yes, then you may also know of the frustration of seeing the same furniture scratch and dent the walls and floor. Furniture sitting on a bare hard floor can often slide and move when being used and while there are felt furniture pads available to prevent floor damage, they really do not prevent the slipping.

What are DURA-GRIP Furniture Pads?

how to stop furniture moving on floorAfter years of hearing about this furniture moving issue from our customers, we came up with DURA-GRIP furniture pads. This is a very effective non slip furniture gripper pad that truly stops any furniture moving on any hardwood, laminate, tile and any hard floor. DURA-GRIP is made in our warehouse and contains a very dense center, covered by two layers on natural textured rubber.


DURA-GRIP contains a dense fiber center that works to resist any amount of furniture pressure from pushing to the floor. This also works as an excellent floor protector, as DURA-GRIP prevents common floor scratches and dents. The outside rubber surfaces work to naturally grip to the furniture and to the floor, preventing slipping and moving. The combination of the resistance of pressure and natural adherence of the rubber results in a very strong grip to the furniture and floor. Since we use natural rubber, DURA-GRIP is simply placed on the floor under the furniture legs. There is no need for any glue, tape or adhesive, so DURA-GRIP does not cause any sticky mess.

Use DURA-GRIP Under Any Furniture

Some of the more common pieces of furniture that tend to slip on the floor are sectional sofas, recliners and beds. We constantly hear about this problem from our customers and we are happy to be able to offer our DURA-GRIP pads as the most effective solution to the problem. Since we offer it in various sizes and shapes, as well as custom, DURA-GRIP can fulfill the slipping needs of virtually any piece of furniture, regardless of size and shape. We have shipped it to people with large and small furniture legs, round, square and oval in shape.

DURA-GRIP is the answer to furniture moving and sliding on any floor. Based on its performance, it is considered an excellent and effective furniture floor gripper pad and floor protector pad. Since we make it in our Connecticut warehouse, DURA-GRIP is proudly made in the USA with American materials. We offer it on this web site, on and on its own web site at

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