Protect and Prepare Your Floors for the 2013 Holiday Season

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Protect and Prepare Floors This 2013 Holiday Season

The holiday season can mean many guests walking through your home. It is important to make sure your rugs and rug pads are ready for the traffic they can be exposed to. Proper care and knowledge of what is under your rugs can prevent damage to the rug and floor, as well as harmful falls from slipping.

Make Sure Your Rugs Are Safe to Walk On

prepare your floors for the holidaysMost smaller or lighter rugs can slip and slide without an effective non slip rug pad. You may have one under your rug, or you may not, and in either case it is important to check. If you do not already have one, it is important to place an effective no slip rug pad under your rug. This will prevent guests from slipping and possibly falling to hurt themselves. If you do have a pad under the rug, then check it to make sure it still prevents slipping. Most rubber non slip rug pads will show signs of replacement with signs of cracking within the rubber.

Prevent Excessive Wear to Your Area Rugs

The more often a rug is walked on, the more pressure it can experience and this can lead to wear. A dense rug pad is vital to prevent unnecessary wear to your rug. It will resist much of the pressure and stress that can normally cause the wear. Make sure that the rugs that may be walked on more during the holidays have a dense rug pad under them. With this, no amount of walking can harm the rug, as the rug pad will perform to resist stress and keep the pile of your rug looking fresh and upright.

Protect Your Floor From Damage

With the excessive traffic on your rugs can come risk of damage to your floor, particularly with hardwood floors. High heeled shoes can easily push through the rug to actually cause dents to the floor. The use of a dense rug pad under the rug will absorb this pressure to prevent damage to the floor. The most common form of damage from shoes is that of denting the floor. Some floors are softer than others and dent fairly easily. When a rug is walked on more than normal, the backing can scratch the floor. Rug pads can prevent any scratches to keep your floor looking new and free of damage.

Add Comfort for Your Holiday Guests

Family and guests can feel more comfort under foot when they walk on an area rug with a pad underneath it. The level of comfort is determined by the thickness of the rug pad. You should choose the thickness most suitable for your rug, making the pad thick enough to be comfortable, yet no too thick to raise the rug too high from the floor. A nice and safe thickness is one of 1/4″, as this can be felt under foot, yet still keeps the rug fairly close to the floor.

When thinking of the holiday season, one of our first decisions revolves around holiday decor. Of course this is important, yet we must also consider other elements as a result of holiday visitors. Since people coming to your home will be walking and using the floor, be sure to make the rugs as safe and comfortable as possible, while offering the protection they and your floors deserve. This will prove to be a nice balance for any holiday entertaining.

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