Make a Cheap Rug Look Luxurious With Quality Rug Pads

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Make Your Cheap Rug Look More Luxurious With Quality Rug Pads

Many cheap area rugs can have a flat, inexpensive look. A quality rug pad can lift the rug off the floor and give it a more expensive and luxurious look and feel.

Luxury Rug Pad

Placing this thick felt rug pad under your inexpensive rug can make the rug look and feel like a much more expensive one.

Inexpensive machine made rugs are popular today because they offer a floor covering at cheap prices, something quite attractive to many people. These types of rugs are priced low because they do not contain too much material and are not finely woven. While they are a great alternative to a bare floor, they can often look flat and not as plush as more expensive rugs. Placing a thick felt rug pad under the rug can actually lift it off the floor with a look of life that it cannot normally achieve on its own. While there are several types of rug pads available, a thicker felt one will provide a more luxurious look.

Quality Rug Pads Are The Key!

You can find a few types of felt rug padding and our Superior is one of them. The advantage to Superior is that it is available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ thickness. This is a nice feature, as not all rugs can afford the same thickness. There may be some rugs that need just a light lift for that lively look, so the 1/4″ is sufficient. For those very flat looking area rugs, placing our 3/8″ thick Superior pad under them can add much to their look and feel.

Placing thick felt rug padding underneath your flat area rug offers a few advantages over using a thinner rug pad. These benefits can turn your flat and matted looking rug into a richer, livelier and more expensive looking rug. The first benefit is in the appearance. The thicker the rug pad, the more lift it will give the area rug. When the rug is lifted off the floor, this gives a look of life to the rug. Since more expensive area rugs are like artwork on the floor, this lift will place your rug in a similar category. The other result of using a thicker rug pad is that it gives your inexpensive rug a nicer feel to walk on. Most people relate the feel of a rug or carpet to its value and quality. So, the better the feel, the more expensive it appears. In this case, the use of a thick felt rug pad offers very effective way to turn your hard and thin rug into something more comfortable and luxurious to walk on.

If you desire to purchase a more expensive area rug, yet are limited by budget, then do not be too concerned about spending less to get less of a rug. As long as you like the rug for the most part, you can turn it into that more expensive look and feel with the proper rug pad. Since there are so many of those thinner non slip rug pads available in stores, you should avoid them, as they will not give your rug any life on the floor. Find a thicker felt or foam rug pad that is at least 1/4″ thick to truly add the expensive look and feel you prefer in your rug.

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