Rug Pads and Exercise

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Rug Pads and Exercise

Many people exercise, stretch or perform yoga on top of their area rug or carpet. The right rug pad can add extra comfort for such exercise, as well as safety from slipping.

rug pads and exercise

This Superior all felt rug pad is very popular under rugs that are used for exercise. It provides comfort and warmth to any hard or cold floor.

We often hear of customers talking about exercising on top of their area rug while they follow a certain exercise video or routine. We are also often asked about our rug pads for use under these rugs to make the exercise more comfortable and to keep the rug in place during exercise. While some rugs can be quite comfortable on their own, the addition of a quality rug pad can add even more comfort to make it very difficult to feel the hard floor underneath. Some exercises involve much movement and pressure and this can normally cause the rug to shift and slip. A non slip rug pad works to keep the rug in place under even very strenuous exercise.

Felt or Foam Rug Pad Adds Extra Comfort

In terms of the comfort level, a felt or foam rug pad adds quite a bit to any area rug. These types of rug pads offer anywhere from 1/4″ to 1/2″ extra thickness under the rug. This added cushion can prove to make any type of exercise much more comfortable. The main difference between a foam and felt rug pad is the material. One contains recycled felt and the other contains either rebond or memory foam. A foam rug pad feels more plush and many people describe it as more comfortable. Felt rug pads are intended to be more dense so that they can resist better to protect the rug and floor from damage. While they offer different levels of density, felt and foam rug pads both offer extra comfort for exercise.

Non Slip Rug Pads Keeps Rug in Place During Exercise

Depending on the size of the rug and type of exercise, there can be some slipping involved. A non slip rug pad can prevent this slipping to make any exercise safer and more efficient. For comfort, a felt and rubber rug pad is best, as it adds cushion and prevents slipping. The typical thin non slip rug pad may prevent the slipping, yet it will not add much comfort.

Rug Padding Adds Warmth to Cold Floor

Depending on location and type of floor, the exercise platform can feel cold. Since felt rug pads have excellent thermal properties, they can add warmth to any floor. A comfortable and warm floor is important for exercises such as yoga, where the floor is quite an important element of the exercise.

When it comes to exercise, especially at home, comfort and safety are a very important part of the experience. Since many exercises involve the floor and many people use area rugs, a rug pad can support many forms of exercise. Based on your situation and requirements, choosing the proper rug pad will prove to add to the benefits of the exercise.


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