How to Avoid Rug Pad With Fold Lines

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How to Avoid Rug Pad With Fold Lines

Many people tell us of their rug pads that arrive with stubborn fold marks. The reasons for this are based on the way in which the rug pad is shipped, as well as the content of the rug pad.

Many people contact us looking for a rug pad that will actually lay flat on their floor without any bumps coming through to the rug. Unfortunately, these people ordered their rug pad from a store that believes in folding several times to stuff the rug pad into a small bag or box. The other problem is that most of those rug pads contain adhesives. When the adhesive dries, it becomes hard and stiff and will crack when folded.

Avoid Rug Pad Containing Adhesives

Rug Pad with Fold Lines

Most stores fold their rug pads several times to fit them into a small package. This is the leading cause of stubborn and damaging fold lines that should be avoided.

The popular way to manufacture a felt rug pad is to apply a clear adhesive on the top and bottom surfaces. The adhesive is an inexpensive way to keep the felt intact and prevent shedding. When the adhesive dries onto the pad, it then becomes hard and stiff. Next, fold the rug pad and it will show signs of cracking or stubborn and permanent fold lines as a characteristic of the adhesive.

In order to avoid adhesives to keep the felt intact in our felt rug pad we utilize an intense heat pressing process. This melds the felt together naturally without resulting in a stiff or hard surface. If our Superior felt rug pad is folded, any light fold marks will disappear within minutes because there is no presence of adhesives.

Avoid Rug Padding That Contains Several Folds

Just about every store offering rug pads will take any size of pad and fold it several times within itself. This is done so that the store can fit the padding into a small bag or box. Combine this with the fact that the same rug pad could have been folded on a shelf for days, weeks or months, and the result is very stubborn and most often permanent fold lines within the rug pad. These fold lines show through to the rug, causing premature wear and possible trip hazards.

At Rug Pad Corner, no order is ever cut until it is ready to ship. Small, medium, large and custom rug pads are always cut after we receive the order and we only cut and pack on day of shipping. In terms of how we fold our rug pads, many are actually simply rolled without folding and very large pads are simply folded in half once and then rolled. Since there are minimal folds, no adhesives and that we fold on day of shipping, there are never any stubborn fold lines in our rug pads.

The next time you search for a rug pad, try to avoid one that could pose an issue with fold lines. Make sure the store does not offer any rug pads with adhesives, make sure it cuts to order and make sure it does not fold more than necessary. Finally, confirm that your rug pad was not previously cut and sitting on a shelf somewhere until it is shipped.

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