What’s the Best Rug Pad for a Silk Rug?

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What’s the Best Rug Pad for a Silk Rug?

Silk rugs tend to be very fine, yet fragile and easily wrinkle and slide on the floor. Rug pad for silk rug must be able to prevent wrinkling and slipping.

Ultra Premium rug pad for silk rugs

Ultra Premium is the only rug pad that contains distinct textures within both surfaces to keep any silk rug flat and in place on the floor.

Most silk rugs are made by hand and are extremely fine. While silk is one of the strongest fibers in area rugs, it is also soft and gives a fragile effect. Since the fibers are soft, within a rug they tend to wrinkle easily. A quality rug pad is required to keep the rug as flat as possible and in place on every hard floor. When a silk rug is kept flat and dos not slip, it then is protected against premature wear and damage. For these reasons, a rug pad for silk rug should be quite dense and should be able to prevent slipping on both top and bottom surfaces.

Most rug pads available contain a non slip surface on one side, normally the side against the floor. Since silk rugs are so soft and flexible, they tend to slip right on the top of the pad. Based on the fact that most felt and rubber rug pads contain a smooth felt surface, the silk rug will slip off the surface. Non slip rug pads do a great job to keep the rug on place on any hard floor, yet we must also consider keeping the rug in place on top of the padding. Our Ultra Premium is perhaps the only rug pad that does this.

Ultra Premium is manufactured in a unique way. It contains a felt surface and rubber lower surface. The most impressive part of this rug pad is that both surfaces contain a distinct texture. The felt surface contains a series of  deep ridges in an exclusive pattern. These ridges actually grab to and hold any silk rug to prevent slipping on top of the pad. The bottom natural rubber contains a distinct pattern. A hexagonal tire tread like design acts to grip to any hard floor surface better than any other non slip rug pad. This prevents any silk rug moving, slipping or sliding on the floor. The result of the top and bottom textured surfaces is a silk rug that will not move and will remain as flat as possible.

The facts show that the best rug pad for silk rugs truly is our Ultra Premium rug pad. We manufacture it and make it available in all sizes and shapes, as well as custom. You may shop Ultra Premium rug pad at this link: http://www.rugpadcorner.com/shop/ultra-premium/.

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