How to Reduce Floor Noise

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How to Reduce Floor Noise

Rug or carpet pad under any area rug can reduce and prevent floor noise.

how to reduce floor noise

Superior Felt Rug Pad has been rated as one of the top rug pads to use as a noise reduction rug pad.

How to reduce floor noise involves determining the reason for the noise. Most floor noise is generated from foot traffic, such as walking and running. The impact from the foot sinks into the rug or carpet and then hits the floor. This can create various types of floor noise, none of which as desirable. The floor noise generally penetrates from one floor to another and is very common in multi floor residences. Since it is the pressure impact that makes the noise, we must find a way to absorb this impact with noise reduction rug pads.

If the floor is covered with any area rug or carpet, one of the most effective way to reduce the floor noise is by placing a rug or carpet pad underneath the floor covering. While there are plenty of types of cushion or padding available, not all will effectively reduce floor noise. Common carpet padding is plush and soft and actually helps the impact that creates noise. The rug or carpet pad used on top if the floor should be very dense to resist the pressure penetrating through to the floor. For this, we always recommend a dense felt rug pad.

Felt is a fiber that is compressed into a rug pad in various densities. While this type of rug pad is available in 20, 28, 32 and 40 ounce densities, we must consider the higher density for effective noise reduction. Density refers to the resistance level within the rug pad. The higher the resistance, the more likely the rug pad will prevent any pressure penetrating through to affect the floor. We have perfected our Superior Rug Pad into a true 40 ounce density. All other felt rug pads contain some air from production. The air acts to thicken the fibers, yet this is temporary. Once walked on, the rug pad loses the air and this flattens the pad and compromises its resistance. Superior is compressed of all felt, no air, and retains its thickness and density for several years.

A genuine dense felt rug pad is one of the best solutions for eliminating floor noise. When the rug and pad are walked on, Superior felt rug pad is able to prevent the foot sinking through to the floor. By preventing this sinking, Superior avoids any foot contact with the floor. This eliminates any noise that is normally associated with foot steps walking or running across any rug or carpet on any floor. Superior is a full 3/8″ thick and we make it available in all sizes and shapes. While it is mostly requested for specific area rug sizes, we also offer it in rolls for wall-to-wall carpet installations.

Feel free to view more of Superior Rug Pad at and to learn more on how to reduce floor noise.

3 thoughts on “How to Reduce Floor Noise

  1. Hi. I have a thinner antique rug and the people living under me keep complaining about hearing foot steps. I like what you say about felt rug pad for noise reduction, yet what if I also need to stop the slipping? The rug is thin and slips, so I want to reduce the noise and stop slipping. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • Dave, Thank you for your inquiry. Since your rug slips, it is best to use our Ultra Premium felt and rubber rug pad under it. Like our Superior, Ultra Premium is an extremely dense felt that works for noise reduction and the rubber rug prevent slipping.
      Thank you and let us know if you have more questions or concerns.

      • Thank you for the advice! I ordered the Ultra Premium rug pad and it is perfect under my antique rug. The rug does not slip and the rug pad is actually preventing the floor noise that was an issue before! No more floor noise or slipping, Thanks again Rug Pad Corner!

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