How to Use Carpet Padding

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How To Use Carpet Pads

How to Use Carpet Padding depends on whether it is used under carpeting or under area rug on carpet. In either case, Carpet Padding is meant to add protection and comfort to any area rug and carpet.

how to use carpet padding

This is an example of a memory foam carpet padding that is used under wall-to-wall carpet installations.

How to Use Carpet Padding shows that it can be used underneath wall-to-wall carpet, as well as under area rug on top of carpet. Carpet cushion is traditionally what we refer to when we think of the material that is installed under wall-to-wall carpet. Types of this padding include popular rebond foam cushion. This is a soft and comfortable carpet pad that comforts every step on the carpet. Our felt rug pad is also used under carpeting as an option to the softer foam padding. The main difference between our felt rug pad and foam carpet padding is softness and protection. Felt rug pad is more dense and offers better resistance and protection. This is why it is most used under area rugs on hardwood or hard floors. Another pad referred to as Carpet Padding is our No-Muv rug pad. This is specifically used under any area rug on top of carpet to keep it flat and in place. Rugs on carpet tend to shift and wrinkle and No-Muv works to prevent this.

Carpet padding in reference to No-Muv means that every area rug on top of carpet should have No-Muv carpet padding under it. No-Muv is a recycled felt pad made in the USA. It contains a specially stiffened lower surface that is textured to grab and hold to the carpet. This prevents the rug from shifting and slipping on carpet. The top felt surface is a very dense felt that works to resist common pressure penetrating through. The pressure is what wrinkles the area rug and No-Muv prevents this from happening. The result is Carpet padding that works to keep your area rug flat and looking great when it is on top of carpet.

Carpet Padding has been used for many years in various installations. Most homes with wall-to-wall carpet have some sort of padding under the carpet. This adds much comfort under the carpet and some even protect from spills with a spill barrier on top. Certain Carpet Padding can also reduce sound and noise from floor to floor. In terms of an installation of an area rug on carpet, No-Muv Carpet Padding is used more to keep the rug flat and prevent slipping. If your needs are for padding under wall-to-wall carpet, choose a clean looking foam pad. For rug to rug application, No-Muv is the carpet padding to choose. There are a few ways on how to use Carpet Padding.

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