Benefits of an Oriental Rug Pad

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Benefits of an Oriental Rug Pad

Oriental Rug Pad benefits include protection to the rug against wear and damage. Rug pad under oriental rug can prolong the life of the rug and add comfort and safety.

Oriental Rug Pads

Oriental Rug can experience much stress and wear. The right rug pad will prevent this and add years of life to the rug.

Benefits of an Oriental Rug Pad can actually add years of life to your rug and make it look great during the years of use. Oriental Rug can experience much stress and wear when it is used on a hard floor surface. Rug pad acts as a protective barrier between the rug and floor. The right rug pad is able to absorb much of the normal stress passed on to the rug. When the rug pad prevents wear to the rug, it preserves the condition and adds years of life to any oriental rug.

Oriental Rug is normally made by hand and contains finely tied knots. These knots actually keep the rug together and are on the back of the rug. Sitting on a hardwood or hard floor surface, the knots of the oriental rug can see much stress. When we walk on the rug or place heavy furniture on it, we push down into the rug and force the knots to rug against the floor. Consistent rubbing of these knots can lead to wear. Since the knots keep the oriental rug together, adding wear to them can negatively affect the condition and lifespan of the rug. The rug pad will absorb this pressure to protect the knots against premature wear and unnecessary damage.

Benefits of an Oriental Rug Pad help to preserve the pile fibers of the rug. When the rug is walked on, this pushes down into the fibers to cause them to be crushed. Dense rug pad actually helps the fibers resist the pressure to spring them back to position. This prevents wear of the pile of the rug and keeps it looking good. Oriental rug without a rug pad will look flat and used much faster than if it has a rug pad under it. The fibers in the pile continue to get crushed and will stop going back to original position.

Benefits of an Oriental Rug Pad include safety. Many smaller rugs tend to slip and slide on a floor. Non-slip rug pad prevents slipping and keeps rug flat and in place. When oriental rug slips, it can wrinkle. If the wrinkles are constantly walked on, those parts of the rug will show more wear before other parts. Uneven wear to oriental rug reduces its value and takes away from its life. Non-slip rug pad holds the rug to the pad to prevent wrinkles that can cause uneven wear and dangerous tripping.

Rug Pad Corner knows every Oriental Rug is an investment that should be protected with the right rug pad and care. In terms of a rug pad, we recommend a dense felt. Our Ultra Premium and Superior rug pads are rated for use under Oriental Rugs based on their density. No amount of weight or pressure will penetrate through to cause risk of wear or damage to the rug. You may visit us at to learn more about Oriental Rug Pads and find the perfect one for your rug.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of an Oriental Rug Pad

  1. If it’s a big oriental rug (9′ x 18′) on hardwood, that will have furniture sitting on it — is there still a benefit to getting the non-slip pad versus the all-felt pad? The costs are about the same and so wondering which is the better option.

    • Hello and thank you for your question. Since your rug is fairly large with furniture on it, there is no benefit to a non slip rug pad. The all felt rug pad offers excellent protection and comfort and is our recommendation for your size rug.

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