Avoid Purchasing Cut and Folded Rug Pad

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Avoid Purchasing Cut and Folded Rug Pad to assure receiving a rug pad without stubborn fold lines. Buying a rug pad that has been cut and folded could cause damage and uneven wear to area rug and floor.

avoid purchasing cut and folded rug pad

Rug pads should not be cut and folded before they are actually ordered. Most stores offer them as precut and folded, leading to inferior performance.

In terms of buying an area rug pad, it is best to avoid purchasing cut and folded rug pad. Most stores like to purchase stock of rug pads that are already cut, folded and bagged to simply place on the store shelves. While this form of rug pad is practical and feasible for stores, it is a problem when it comes to actually using the rug pad under your rug. Rug pads that have been folded tend to retain significant fold lines within the material. These fold lines can pose problems a few ways. They can show through the rug to create a less than desirable look. They can cause wear to both the area rug and hardwood or wood floors. Lastly, rug pad with fold lines can be dangerous as it can cause a trip hazard.

At Rug Pad Corner, we stock each type of rug pad we offer in actual roll form. There is never a rug pad already cut and folded in a bag or box. We cut each rug pad based on the orders when we receive them. This assures that our rug pads will open and stay flat on the floor under the area rug. Unlike any other store offering rug pads, we only fold room size rug pads in half once and only do this on shipping day. If we are shipping a 9′ x 12′ rug pad, we will fold it in half and then roll it into tube format. The light fold in the middle of the rug pad is immediately eliminated once the rug is placed on top of it. For rug pads less than five feet wide, we simply roll without any fold.

Avoid purchasing cut and folded rug pad from popular stores that offer such products. The rug pad can actually be folded for several weeks or months before it ships and this makes for an inferior quality pad. Many customers come to us with great concern about how we ship our rug pads based on prior experience with other stores. These customers are relieved to learn that we do not partake in such folding practice and that their orders are actually cut the day we ship them. The performance of a rug pad is based on several factors and one is the way in which it lays on the floor. Rug pads that are bumpy on the floor lead to wear, damage and danger.

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