How to Keep Rug Flat on Carpet

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How to Keep Rug Flat on Carpet

No-Muv rug pad is one of the only pads that works to keep rug flat on top of carpet.

how to keep rug flat on carpet

No-Muv is truly the only rug pad that keeps rugs flat and wrinkle free when used on top of carpet.

If you are using an area rug on top of your wall-to-wall carpeting, then you have probably wondered how to keep rug flat on carpet. You are not along. We have thousands of customers every year with the same issue. We often receive complaints about rugs wrinkling and shifting when furniture is placed on them on top of carpet. We know this is a severe problem and can be the cause of tripping, as well as premature wear and damage to the rug. Just like with hardwood floors, rugs on carpet should be as flat as possible and should not slip or shift. No-Muv rug to rug pad is the answer and it does work.

The reason a rug on top of carpet tends to wrinkle and slip is the fact that the carpet underneath does not act as a solid foundation. When furniture pushes into the rug, or foot steps sink into the rug, the carpet underneath is not able to resist the pressure. This pressure causes the areas around the pressure spot to buckle and wrinkle. This wrinkling is the cause of the rug shifting. A solid and dense rug pad under the rug is able to resist the pressure and keep the rug flat and in place. No-Muv is extremely dense to resist pressure and it is textured to grab to the carpet to resist slipping. This is why it is the answer to how to keep rug flat on carpet.

No-Muv rug pad is the only way on how to keep rug flat on carpet. Unlike any other rug pad, No-Muv is designed to work only under area rugs that are on carpet. It contains a specially stiffened lower surface that contains a texture to grab and hold to the carpet. The surface is an extremely dense felt material that works to resist pressure of heavy furniture and foot steps. It is not thin and sticky like others, rather it is 1/4″ thick without any sticky adhesives. No-Muv is able to resist the pressure of any foot steps or furniture.

Rug Pad Corner offers No-Muv rug on carpet pad in all sizes and shapes. There are all shapes of rugs used on top of carpet and we will cut a No-Muv rug pad to fit any rug. You may see more of No-Muv at

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