Endorsed by Green America

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Endorsed by Green America means that Rug Pad Corner is a certified Green and Eco-Friendly company offering Green rug pads. Our rug pads are rated safe for the environment and home.

endorsed by green america

Rug Pad Corner is proud to be affiliated with Green America.

Rug Pad Corner is proud of our affiliation with and proud to be endorsed by Green America. Based on our commitment to natural rug pads, as well as our controlled and updated office and warehouse practices, we have been endorsed as a Green America Certified Business. While many consumers already know us for our natural and eco-friendly rug pads, this Green Business rating means that we also maintain Green practice within our daily office and warehouse functions.

From the manufacture and offering of our rug pads, to the manner in which our staff utilizes and handles our supplies, we are a rug pad company endorsed by Green America. We use only natural materials to manufacture our rug pads and we never apply chemicals or adhesives like others do. We make our rug pads in the USA with American materials. Our office and warehouse staff constantly strives to operate with Green and eco-friendly practices. From the ink and paper we use, to the disposal practice of our materials, every aspect of Rug Pad Corner and our operations is certified Green.

Green America is an organization dedicated to maintaining a Greener environment through programs and awareness. The organization constantly focuses on environmental preservation and on the improvement of human rights. Rug Pad Corner is very proud to be a part of such a presence among the people and environment. In a world where there are more imported products with inferior materials, Rug Pad Corner is committed to fulfill our promise to our customers and Green America. We refuse to compromise the quality of our rug pads based on price. Unfortunately, this is not true of other rug pad suppliers, hence the reason for better and stronger awareness of our products and practices.

Rug Pad Corner is all about rug pads and we care about the environment and our customers’ homes. We proudly offer felt, felt and rubber and all rubber rug pads made of only safe, natural and recycled materials that do not off-gas, smell or damage floors. Since you do have a choice for your next rug pad, feel free to consider one of ours and join the thousands of customers who are offering their rugs and floors proper protection, while keeping the environment safe as well.




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