Benefits of a Rug Pad

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Benefits of a Rug Pad

Rug Pad provides protection to area rug and floor, prevents slipping and adds comfort.

Benefits of a rug pad can be seen upon initial use. Every rug that is walked on should have a rug pad under it. A rug pad provides protection for rug and floor from unnecessary wear and damage. It also provides safety to rugs that tend to slip by preventing slipping. A rug pad also offers extra comfort against hard floors and insulation against cold and noise. For these reasons, we say a rug pad offers many benefits.

benefits of a rug pad

Benefits of a rug pad include comfort, safety and protection to any area rug and floor.

Rug Pad Protects Rug and Floor
One of the important benefits of a rug pad is that it protects rug and floor. Since a rug is normally walked on and can have furniture on it, it is exposed to stress and pressure. This pressure can push into the rug to affect rug and floor. Rug can experience premature wear and floor can experience scratches and dents. The right rug pad between rug and floor can resist the pressure to relieve rug and floor of possible damage and wear. This will greatly increase the life of rug and floor while preserving their appearance.

Rug Pad Provides Safety
Many smaller and lighter area rugs tend to slip on hard floors. Rug pad can provide safety with non-slip function to prevent rug slipping on the floor. There are non-slip rug pads containing rubber that grip to the floor and do not allow any rug slipping or moving on hardwood or any hard floor surface. It is important to avoid non-slip rug pads that contain plastic and adhesives. Most mesh looking rug pads do not add any benefit to rugs and floors because they tend to off-gas and damage the floor. Choose natural rubber non-slip rug pad, such as our Super Hold, that is safe for all floors.

Rug Pad Provides Comfort and Insulation
One of the rewards of using a rug pad is that it adds extra comfort and insulates against cold and noise. Felt rug pad is best for this, as it is solid and dense. There are thick felt rug pads with excellent thermal properties to make any cold floor feel warmer. This same rug pad adds up to 1/2″ thick comfort under the rug to make the floor feel less hard. Certain felt rug pads also perform as noise reduction rug pads for those floors that are noisy. Ultra Premium and Superior felt rug pads are dense enough to absorb and prevent noise and are rated as some of the top noise reduction rug pads.

Several characteristics of a rug pad should be considered when using any area rug on any floor. Rug Pad prolongs the life of the rug and makes the home safer and more comfortable. Rug Pad Corner offers some of the finest rug pads to add all of these benefits to all types of area rugs and floors.

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