Rubber Rug Pads Are Not all the Same

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Rubber Rug Pads are not all the Same in terms of felt and rubber rug pads. This type of rug pad contains a felt surface and rubber lower surface and differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

rubber rug pads are not all the same

A close look at the rubber in Ultra Premium will show an actual layer of solid rubber that contains a unique texture unlike that of any other.

Rubber rug pads are not all the same based on material and construction. There are a few materials that actually look and feel like rubber, yet they are very close imitations. Such imitations may prevent rug slipping at first, yet could cause much floor damage. The manner in which rubber is attached to the felt makes a difference in rug pad performance, safety and life. The most common method of attaching rubber to felt is by applying glue. The glue can cause problems, as it can off-gas and cause damage to hardwood and all hard floors.

Our felt and rubber rug pad, Ultra Premium, is compared to all others and we are proud to note major differences in quality and design. We manufacture Ultra Premium by using a solid layer of natural rubber. Others use either a “synthetic” rubber or a latex spray. We attach our rubber to the felt with an intense heat pressing process to avoid any glue. Others either use glue to attach the “synthetic” rubber or they spray a latex to the felt. Our rubber contains a very distinct texture, while others contain very little or no texture.

Rubber rug pads are not all the same in terms of the actual rubber that is used. We use a solid layer of natural rubber that is not treated at all. So, what sits on your floor is actual rubber. Since it is only natural rubber, it is completely safe for the floor. Other felt and rubber rug pads have a rubber-like material that is commonly treated with some sort of adhesive, glue or chemical. These are applied to keep the rubber attached to the felt and to also give a sticky feel. The problem with such additives is that they are also known to transfer to and damage the floor. This is related to the many horror stories revolving around rubber rug pads that stick to floors.

Texture within a rubber rug pad can make the difference between rug slipping and rug staying in place. Our Ultra Premium shows a very unique hexagonal pattern within the rubber surface. This is designed to allow more rubber to be in contact with more floor to create a suction cup effect. Most others contain a much smoother rubber-like surface that actually may allow rug slipping over time. Texture within the rubber not only prevents slipping, it also allows the floor to breath.

Rubber rug pads are not all the same and this is the reason why it is important to analyze the rug pad you choose. It is important to make sure that it is actually real rubber, that it is not treated in any way, that it contains a distinct texture and that it is not glued to the felt. All of these variables play an important role in the performance of your rubber rug pad, as well as to the safety of the floor it is to be used on.

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