Felt Noise Reduction Rug Pad

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Felt Noise Reduction Rug Pad absorbs sound and noise on wood floors. Choose noise reduction rug pad to prevent common noise from one floor to another on many residences.

felt noise reduction rug pad

Ultra Premium is an excellent noise reduction rug pad. It also contains a layer of natural rubber to prevent rug slipping on any floor.

Felt Noise Reduction Rug Pad is an excellent way to deal with floor noise. Many residents of apartments, condominiums and other types of residences experience noise form one floor to another. This noise is commonly caused by wood floors. Felt rug pad is known to absorb the sound to prevent noise from occurring. In terms of the type of felt rug pad to prevent noise on a floor, there is a 100% felt rug pad and there is a felt and rubber combination rug pad. Both rug pads are great for noise reduction and one also prevents slipping.

Felt noise reduction rug pad is used under any area rug or carpet on any floor. Since wood floors are ones that can cause noise more than any other type of floor, felt rug pad can safely be used on the floor. Since there are various qualities of felt rug pad, the more dense the rug pad, the better the noise reduction performance. It is not ass effective to use a rug pad that is too soft, as this allows the foot to sink to touch the floor, hence causing more noise. Felt rug pad is available in a few densities and the best noise reduction is either a 40 or 45 ounce dense rug pad. This type of density is able to resist any pressure sinking into the rug to reach the floor. Since floor noise is caused by a foot touching the floor, choose one of the higher rug pads to prevent such sinking.

Our Superior felt rug pad is compressed into a true 40 ounce density. It contains all felt and no air substitute like others can contain. Superior is available in 3/8″ thick and works excellent to prevent noise and sound on all floors. The way in which Superior performs as a noise reduction rug pad is by preventing foot steps sinking into the pad to reach the floor. Every step is actually kept away from the floor and this prevents noise. Since Superior is pure felt, it does not prevent rug slipping, so should not be used for those types of rugs that tend to slip.

Our Ultra Premium is another great noise reduction rug pad. It is also made of felt and it has a natural rubber lower surface. The rubber works to prevent rug slipping. Like Superior, Ultra Premium also prevents the foot sinking into the rug to reach the floor. Made in a 45 ounce density, Ultra Premium is even more dense than Superior and should be used for noise reduction and slipping purposes.

Felt noise reduction rug pad should be used in places where there is a noisy floor problem. Unlike traditional spongy carpet padding, dense felt rug pad does not allow any penetration to the floor, so it truly stops and eliminates any noise. Choose your felt rug pad size based on your rug size, place it under your area rug and start to prevent noise on any type of hard floor surface.

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