Should I Use a Rug Pad on Hardwood Floor?

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Should I Use a Rug Pad on Hardwood Floor is a popular questions among homeowners with area rugs. Rug pad can offer many benefits for use under area rugs on hardwood floor.

Should I Use a Rug Pad on Hardwood Floor comes with an easy answer. If you use area rugs on the floor, then it is imperative to use a rug pad under your rugs. Hardwood floor can pose a few issues. It can experience damage from the back of an area rug. It can experience damage from furniture pressure sitting on the rug. Hardwood floor can be hard and cold to create an uncomfortable environment. A rug pad will protect the hardwood floor from damage. It will also add comfort and will insulate against cold and noise. In general, a rug pad can eliminate most issues caused by the use of rugs on hardwood floors.

should I use a rug pad on hardwood floor

Rug pad adds many benefits for rugs on hardwood floors. Our felt rug pads are an excellent choice on any hardwood floor.

Rug Pad Protects Hardwood Floor
When an area rug is walked on, it is pushed against the hardwood floor. This can cause scratches to the floor. A solid rug pad acts as a protective barrier between the rug and floor to prevent the back of the rug scratching the floor. When furniture sits on a rug, the weight and pressure can dent a hardwood floor. A dense and solid rug pad, such as a felt pad, will resist the pressure of the furniture. Since the rug pad resists the pressure, it prevents any furniture denting the hardwood floor.

Rug Pad Insulates Hardwood Floor
Many hardwood floors can feel cold, depending on the climate and time of the year. Felt rug pads possess thermal properties that can actually prevent cold from escaping the hardwood floor to the room. Rug pad is available in a few thicknesses and densities to provide varying levels of insulation on the hardwood floor. One of the better rug pads to use for insulation against cold floors is a 40 ounce felt rug pad.

Rug Pad Adds Comfort to Hardwood Floor
All hardwood floors are hard and uncomfortable. There are many rooms that are used for sitting or playing on the floor. Rug pad is available in thick and comfortable to add much comfort to a hard floor. Felt rug pads are known to absorb the hardness of the floor to make it more inviting to sit and play on. For most comfort, a thicker rug pad is an excellent choice.

It is best to use a rug pad under any area rug on any hardwood floor. There are many excellent benefits to the use of a rug pad. The small investment in your rug pad now will prove to add a great value to your rugs and hardwood floors. Since hardwood floors can be sensitive and are an investment, be sure to choose a natural rug pad safe for the floor. There are a few felt and rubber rug pads that do not contain any chemicals or adhesives and are rated safest for hardwood floors. By using a quality natural rug pad, you can prolong the life of your hardwood floors and maintain their beauty during their lifetime.

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2 thoughts on “Should I Use a Rug Pad on Hardwood Floor?

  1. My question is, can I use my old area rug which has a latex backing and on my hardwood floor and put a new area rug on top of that one as a pad?

    • Hello,

      Latex backed area rugs should not be in direct contact with the floor. The latex is known to transfer to the floor and cause damage, at times the latex forms a gum-like texture. It is best to place a rug pad between the rug and floor to prevent the latex of the rug from touching the floor.

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