How to Keep Kilim Rug Flat

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How to Keep Kilim Rug Flat

Kilim is a flat weave rug that easily wrinkles and slips on all floors without the proper rug pad.

how to keep kilim rug flat

A close look at the texture within Ultra Premium rug pad will show that it truly holds Kilim rugs and keeps them flat on the floor.

How to Keep Kilim Rug Flat is a question easily answered with the proper rug pad. Kilim rug is usually handmade in Turkey and consists of only knots, so it is flat. By nature, the Kilim rug easily wrinkles when walked on, when vacuumed and when furniture is placed on it. Kilim rugs are most often used on hardwood or hard floor surfaces and truly need the proper rug pad to keep them protected, to keep them in place and to keep them flat.

A Kilim rug can slip and move in two ways. First, it can slip and shift on top of the rug pad that it is on. It can also slip on any hard floor surface. Kilim rugs are very thin and light, so they do not contain any substantial weight of their own to keep them in place. For these reasons, a rug pad should be able to grab and hold the Kilim to the pad and it should be able to prevent the rug slipping. Most felt and rubber rug pads contain a very smooth upper surface that still allows the Kilim to slide. Ultra Premium is the only rug pad we know of that contains very distinct ridges in the felt surface. These ridges act to grab and hold the rug to the rug pad and this prevents Kilim rug slipping. Under many tests performed, Ultra Premium keeps Kilim rugs in place, even under vacuuming and furniture.

How to Keep Kilim Rug Flat plays an important role with the rug against the floor. If the rug is able to slip and slide, then this can cause wrinkles. Most non-slip rug pads contain a rubber-like side that is relatively flat and smooth. Unfortunately, this does not truly prevent slipping on the floor. Ultra Premium contains a natural rubber backing that contains a distinct hexagonal texture. This pattern acts as a suction cup to hold to and grab the floor to prevent any Kilim rug slipping on any hard floor. The combination of texture within the top and bottom surfaces of Ultra Premium make it one of the most effective non-slip rug pads for all Kilim rugs.

When you decide how to keep Kilim rug flat, your rug will look great and be safe to walk on. Before you make the final decision on a rug pad, be sure to check out Ultra Premium. It is made in the USA of natural materials and is available in all sizes and shapes. Since most Kilim rugs are tribal by nature and can be uneven, Ultra Premium is also available in custom sizes.

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  1. Hi there, just wondering if this product is available in Australia. I have a Kilim rug 3.4 metres x 2 metres on a hard wood floor.

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