How to Get a Custom Rug Pad

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How to Get a Custom Rug Pad

Rug Pad Corner offers Custom Rug Pad in any size and shape for any area rug.

How to Get a Custom Rug Pad states that the actual rug size will determine the size of the rug pad. Some stores actually offer to custom cut your rug pad based on your rug’s size. This is the only way to receive a Custom Rug Pad that will not need to be cut at home once you receive it. The rug pad will be cut slightly smaller than your rug and this allows for a few things. First, it allows for the rug edges to relax to the floor. Next, it hides the rug pad to make it a more desirable look. If your rug pad is not custom cut, the edges of your rug could pose tripping issues and the edge of the rug pad could show.

how to get a custom rug pad

Custom cut rug pads are part of normal business at Rug Pad Corner.

Rug Pad Corner offers Custom Rug Pad in any size and shape and in any of our qualities. We know that it is our job to deliver the right size rug pad for you to simply unroll and start using. Too often, a rug pad will arrive slightly larger than the area rug. The rug pad should not be used if it is the same size or bigger than the rug. So, many times customers will find themselves trying to cut the rug pad to fit the rug. While this is possible, it is not ideal. The rug pad needs to be cut straight and needs to be cut with a carpet knife or box cutter. Whenever possible, we like to avoid the customer cutting the rug pad at home. We welcome any rug size or shape in any order so that we can custom cut the rug pad at no additional cost.

How to Get a Custom Rug Pad means buying your rug pad from a store that stocks rolls of rug padding. Orders are then cut from the roll and custom rug pad can be cut in the same manner. This is mi8ch different than buying your rug pad from a store that offers it already cut and packaged. This type of store will advise you to cut the rug pad at home under your rug. It is best to avoid doing this and to have the rug pad custom cut to your rug size before it leaves the store. Due to lack of space and the desire to stock already packaged rug pads , most stores do not have the ability to custom cut the rug pad.

Here is How to get a Custom Rug Pad: Visit and choose the type of rug pad. Next, in the section where we allow you to enter your rug size, go ahead and do this. You can continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Once you submit your order, we will receive it, along with your custom rug size. We will then custom cut your rug pad according to this rug size. We will wrap and ship your custom rug pad so that when you receive it, you simply open, unroll and place your area rug on top. The rug pad should be between one and one and a half inches smaller than your rug on all sides. There is no extra cost, nor is there a shipping delay, for custom rug pads.

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