All Natural Rug Pads

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All Natural Rug Pads

Rug Pad Corner manufactures and offers only natural rug pads safe for the floor, rug and home.

all natural rug pads

Our Ultra Premium is the most natural felt and rubber rug pad available today. Where others use sprayed latex and glue, we use natural rubber and heat pressing.

All Natural Rug Pads are made of either natural felt, natural memory foam or natural rubber. We are pleased to offer two of the three types of natural rug pads, felt and rubber. Ultra Premium is a natural felt and rubber rug pad for use on all floors. Superior is a 100% recycled felt rug pad that protects and adds comfort to any area rug and floor. Super Hold is a 100% natural rubber rug pad that is used where thickness is an issue to prevent rugs slipping on any floor with no risk of damage to the floor.

All Natural Rug Pads offer more benefits than any other rug pads. They prevent damage and wear to rugs and floors. They do not contain chemicals that can smell or off-gas. All natural rug pads are safe for the environment and limit waste, as they are recyclable. Rug Pad Corner proudly offers these natural rug pads made in the USA. While we have the choice to offer more commercial quality rug pads, we choose to offer the most natural available. Our manufacturing process considers all aspects of natural rug pads and we don’t even use the minimal amount of glue or adhesives.

Many manufactures and stores substitute chemicals, plastics and adhesives for natural materials. This saves them time and money and results in a lower priced, inferior quality rug pad for customers. There are a few problems with using a rug pad that is not all natural. First, the rug pad can actually damage the floor, causing hundreds of dollars in damage. Next, the rug pad can off-gas, causing odors and health risks to anyone exposed to them. Most rug pads made with these chemicals and adhesives are made in China and imported to the USA for resale.

Rug Pad Corner is proudly committed to the manufacture and supply of all natural rug pads. We maintain affiliations and memberships in Natural and Green organizations to constantly strive to offer the most natural products for our customers. It is important for us to be able to place the most natural rug pad in any home for customers to enjoy for several years. We believe in preserving the environment and refuse to compromise our quality like others do.

One thought on “All Natural Rug Pads

  1. We bought the Superior felt rug pad and have never had a more natural feeling rug pad! It’s great to know there is still a company offering rug pads in old world quality!

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