Buy a Rug Pad and Help Others

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Buy a Rug Pad and Help Others

Rug Pad Corner donates a portion of the proceeds of every sale to a charitable organization.

Buy a Rug Pad and Help Others with your next rug pad order. Rug Pad Corner continues with its successful Rug Pad for a Cause® Campaign. This means that we will donate a portion of the proceeds of your rug pad order to one of the following organizations of your choice: American Red Cross, St Jude Children’s Hospital and The American Cancer Society. This is at no extra cost to our customers, as each donation is contributed directly by Rug Pad Corner.

buy a rug pad and help others

Rug Pad for a Cause donates a portion of the proceeds from every order to one of three charitable organizations.

Rug Pad for a Cause® is our way of helping less fortunate people around the world. Rug Pad Corner is a family owned company with family minded people working in our offices and warehouse. We value each and every life and we know that there are unfortunate reasons that cause misfortune to millions of people around the world. Rug Pad for a Cause is approaching its one year anniversary and we are proud to say that it has been received with high praise thus far.

Buy a rug pad and help others seems to be a small thing, yet it has added up to a very big reward for many people. Thanks to our staff and our customers, Rug Pad Corner has donated thousands of dollars to all three organizations. Nothing makes us happier than knowing all of our hard work is resulting in help and relief for others. The staff at Rug Pad Corner strives to fulfill every order in the best capacity knowing that once the order ships, someone around the world is being helped. “It gives me great pride to pack every rug pad to send it to our shipping room”, states Mike of the Rug Pad Corner packing department. “Besides offering the best protection to our customers’ rugs and floors, we are also giving hope to another person somewhere around the world.” Mike is not alone, as every member of the Rug Pad Corner company has grown accustomed to knowing that our order fulfillment contributes to better lives for less fortunate people.

Rug Pad Corner is the only company that sponsors and contributes to Rug Pad for a Cause. We are proud supporters and, while every dollar contributed comes from our company, it is only possible thanks to orders from our customers. Together, we are helping to change the world one rug pad at a time.

2 thoughts on “Buy a Rug Pad and Help Others

  1. Thank you for such a great cause! I ordered 2 rug pads and was so happy to learn of your Cause. I am sure that those being positively affected because of Rug Pad Corner are truly appreciative!

    • Tammy,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. The entire staff of Rug Pad Corner is extremely proud of the help we are giving others. Whether it is small or large, we know that any help is appreciated and very helpful!

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