Felt Rug Pad Protects Hardwood Floor

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Felt Rug Pad Protects Hardwood Floor

Felt Rug Pad prevents dents to the floor by resisting pressure and stress.

felt rug pad protects hardwood floor

Superior rug pad is a dense 40 ounce that protects hardwood floors from all damage.

Felt Rug Pad protects hardwood floor in a few ways. First, it is dense enough to prevent common penetration to the floor and this prevents damage. Next, if it is natural felt, the rug pad will not contain common chemicals and adhesives that can stick to or mark hardwood floor. Our Ultra Premium and Superior felt rug pads are extremely dense and very natural and are rated as some of the best to protect any hardwood floor.

Ultra Premium rug pad is considered to be the most dense available. It is made in the USA in a 45 ounce density. To give comparison, felt rug pads are commonly either 28 ounces or 32 ounces. Our 45 ounce density is made up of a felt surface and rubber lower surface that truly works to resist any damage to hardwood floor. Superior comes in at a full 40 ounce density and contains only natural felt without chemicals or adhesives.

Felt Rug Pad protects hardwood floor and prolongs the life of the floor. When an area rug is walked on, pressure can push down into the rug and rub against the floor. This pressure is resisted by our felt rug pads that prevent dents and scratches happening to the hardwood floor. Since the floor is protected, it will last much longer and look much better than a floor without this level of protection.

Hardwood floors are sensitive to adhesives and chemicals. Our felt rug pads do not contain any of the adhesives or chemicals that normally stick to, mark and damage hardwood floors. It is important for the rug pad to be as natural as possible and far too many today are made with adhesives to save on production costs. Our felt rug pad protects hardwood floor because we use intense heat pressing where others use glue to keep our felt intact. The result is a natural rug pad that can endure the test of time without any damage to hardwood floor.

Visit www.rugpadcorner.com to view our natural and dense felt rug pads. We offer them in a variety of sizes and shapes for virtually any area rug size and shape.

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