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Rug Pads for Carpet

Keep Rugs Flat on Carpeted Floors

No-Muv Rug on Carpet Pad – Voted Best Rug to Rug Pad!
No-Muv is the only Rug Pad that truly keeps rugs in place and wrinkle free on carpet.

No-Muv Rug Pads for Carpet Floors

Use No-Muv for:

Any size rug on carpet that gets foot traffic or has furniture sitting on it. No-Muv is perhaps the only rug pad that will resist weight to keep your rug as wrinkle free as possible. Unlike the thin, sticky rug pads, when No-Muv is walked on, it is extremely dense and keeps those walked on areas of your rug or those areas pushed on by heavy furniture flat and wrinkle free.

No-Muv Rug on Carpet Pad

Perhaps the only rug pad that truly works to keep rugs flat on carpet, No-Muv is specifically made for such use. Made in the USA, No-Muv contains a specially stiffened lower surface to grab the carpet to prevent rugs from creeping. The upper felt surface is designed to hold the rug and keep it from buckling and wrinkling. No-Muv works especially well where furniture is sitting on the rug. No-Muv resists the weight of the furniture and prevents buckling of the rug around the legs of the furniture.

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Rug Pad for Rugs on Carpet

Stop your rugs on carpet from wrinkling and bunching up with our No-Muv rug to rug pad. No-Muv can actually perform even under heavy furniture to prevent pressure penetrating through to cause buckles and wrinkles in the rug.