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Oriental Rug Pads

Oriental Rug Pad protects all oriental rugs from wear and damage, adds comfort and prevents slipping. The right rug pad will add years of life to any oriental rug.

ultra premium oriental rug pad


superior oriental rug pad

Oriental Rug Pad should be dense enough to protect rug from stress and pressure. Solid felt rug pad is best to use under any oriental rug and is available in several qualities. Most dense rug pad offers best resistance to pressure and stress to prevent any premature wear and unnecessary damage to oriental rug. Our Ultra Premium and Superior felt rug pads offer many benefits to the protection and comfort of any oriental rug.

Oriental rugs normally contain hand tied knots on the back of the rug. Since the back of the rug sits directly on the floor, it is important to protect the knots from rubbing and wear. Dense felt rug pad will prevent penetration to the floor and protect the oriental rug knots rubbing and wearing. Ultra Premium is more than 45 ounces dense and adds a layer of rubber to prevent slipping. Superior rug pad is a 40 ounce dense felt rug pad that does not prevent slipping, yet prevents pressure to the back of oriental rug and protects the knots from wear. Unlike other rug pads that can be soft, our oriental rug pads resist foot traffic and the weight of furniture from pushing through to the floor.

Oriental rug pad is available in all sizes and shapes. Our felt rug pads are also offered in custom rug pad sizes for odd sized oriental rugs. It is important to protect your oriental rug investment, as well as add comfort, with the proper rug pad. We offer free shipping to deliveries within the contiguous United States.

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